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WWP User Missions from BlameThePixel

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Name: WWP User Missions from BlameThePixel
Type: Program
Author: Etho, Pac-Man, ManicMan, RadicaL, Genral Shnizel, Simski
Submitted by: Russian Federation StepS

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Time: October 17, 2014, 09:54 PM
Reupload of BTP's mission packs for WWP. Unfortunately because files >2626 are dead on BTP, some missions are not recoverable.
Info about authors and descriptions from the archived BTP webpage.

Title: Blackhawk's Revenge
Author: Etho
Type: MM

A nice map with a nice texture - warmer.

Title: Crate Race
Author: ManicMan
Type: MM

Some multiplayer missions where you race to destroy a crate

Title: Dogma Reborn
Author: Etho
Type: MM

old school warmer

Title: Fort Tactoinz
Author: RadicaL
Type: MM

Its a WMM duel... 2 Forts, events... nJoY! =)

Title: Fun With Physics
Author: Etho
Type: MM

A mission demonstrating some worms physics editting. (Very Strange)

Title: Icey Warmer
Author: Etho
Type: MM

Another weird mission made by me. Play for a few turns... you'll see.

Title: Mad Ownage
Author: Etho
Type: MM

It's a warmer; twas one of the first color maps ever made for worms.

Title: Sheep Race
Author: Genral Shnizel
Type: MM

the Mission i Made is a Sheep race Between 2 Players, The first who Collects the Vital Crate.

Title: Teflon's Pans
Author: Etho
Type: MM

A map by my m8 Teflon, coloring and mission done by me.

Title: Walk For Weapons
Author: Etho
Type: MM

I wanted to bring WFW to WWP somehow.

Title: Chaos Theory 1.1
Author: Simski
Type: SM

I made the mission terrain look better, feel free to change or expand the map if you want. It's a map where you kill your worm, and still win.

Title: Ming Vase-Express
Author: Pac-Man
Type: SM

Another Single-Player-Mission with a cool foto-terrain. You have to kill all worms with the help of infinite mingvases. Smash it!

Title: Homing-Missile-Training
Author: Pac-Man
Type: TM

You think this training is easy, cuz you have missiles? Ha! Try it yourself!

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Seems the mission files are not converted.. do you have a solution for it, or can i try something for fix it???