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Diacritic Buster 1.3.5594.31922

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Name: Diacritic Buster 1.3.5594.31922
Type: Program
Author: Poland ArtecTheFox

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Time: March 28, 2015, 08:44 PM

Brief description for wormy folks

I've made this program (mostly for personal purposes) to simply make work with pieces of text containing incompatible diacritic characters easier. One of the reasons is Worms Armageddon ver. that still has a very limited character set – an attempt at pasting a piece of text in a foreign language onto Worms Armageddon chat often ends up with missing characters which is pretty problematic. With Diacritic Buster, you can actually create a proper scheme, use one of those already included with it or even try without using any and right when the text is copied to the system Clipboard, you're ready to convert it automatically to something readable using the Alt+C hotkey no matter in what window you're currently working. The program is available in English, Polish and German.

Original Readme.txt file contents

Diacritic Buster 1.3.5594.31922
Author: PeCeT_full
Copyright (c) by PeCeT_full 2015. Diacritic Buster is published under The MIT License. For more information, please refer to Licence.txt included with the application.

If there are any problems or doubts, please contact me.

Program description

This program can help you get rid of incompatible characters found in any piece of text using their alternative or simplified forms instead to be processable by any target reading software that is simply not able to deal with their original equivalents. It was written in C# and uses Windows Forms as the user interface. Runs in 32- or 64-bit mode depending on the system environment.

Minimal hardware and system requirements: 400 MHz or faster processor; 96 MB of available RAM; 1 MB of free hard disk space available where the program exists; Windows 98 or newer operating system with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Handling the program

Diacritic Buster is simple to use – just copy and paste the text to be converted onto the "Initial text" field (use the Ctrl+V combination or press the right mouse button on the text box and select "Paste" from the context menu) and click on "Convert". The final text will appear to the right. To copy the whole text, press the right mouse button on the field and choose "Select All" from the menu and then, click the same button on the same area and select the "Copy" command. Now you can go back to your favourite text editor or somewhere else and continue your work right after pasting the fixed piece of your text.

If there are chars that you would like to remain intact, you can use a so-called scheme file that is suitable for your needs – only the characters mentioned in such a file will be remade.

Program options

Diacritic Buster allows to change the following settings:

* Convert Clipboard content automatically with the Alt+C hotkey combination – until there is a text inside the system Clipboard, it can be converted using currently chosen scheme. This allows you to use the program without having to switch between applications.

* Program hidden on launch – after launching, the program is hidden in the system tray. To restore it, one needs to double-click the left mouse button on the program's icon or press the right mouse button and from the context menu, select "Hide/restore".

* Available schemes – the list of schemes you are able to use. The following ones are originally included with the program, thus they are ready to use:
   — Alternate German accents,
   — Convert Romaji text to Katakana,
   — Make Hungarian compatible with Western European set,
   — Remove all Central European specific accents only,
   — Remove Polish accents except o-acute,
   — Remove Polish accents,
   — Romanise Katakana letters,
   — Romanise Russian letters the GOST 2002(B) method.
When the scheme is set to default, the program will try to handle all present diacritics its own way. To add another custom scheme to the list, you will need to create a new plain text document (i.e. a text file written in a simple text editor like Windows Notepad, gedit or vi that lacks of any formatting feature) and necessarily, save it with extension ".txt" in UTF-8 character encoding. A potential Diacritic Buster scheme file needs to consist solely of the lines that use the following pattern: "the_char_or_string_to_be_swapped|the_target_char_or_string" (without quotes). If there is something wrong with the import file, it will not be accepted, however transforming symbols (except the char '|') into any other characters is also possible. To make work with digraphs and longer combinations fully possible, it is required to sort descending all the keys in the scheme file starting from the longest key(s) (consisting of the highest amount of characters) to the shortest ones (consisting of only one character).

* Languages – you can switch current interface language to a desirable one.

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