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Karol Krawczyk (Miodowe lata)

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Name: Karol Krawczyk (Miodowe lata)
Type: Soundbank
Author: Poland ArtecTheFox

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Time: March 01, 2016, 09:44 PM

Karol Krawczyk is a main character of one of the most popular Polish comedy series "Miodowe lata" which is an adaptation of its American original called "The Honeymooners". Karol is a tram driver in his thirties and lives in a tenement house in the Warsaw's Wola district with his wife Alina. He often comes up with various insane ideas for making a fortune together with his also married friend, sewer worker Tadeusz Norek. In spite of many conflicts, they do not give up. By all means, they try to reach the goal together and make their wives happy at the same time.

This package also includes a special fanfare that is a short theme of the show.


It's very simple – just copy "Worms Armageddon" folder to the one in "Program Files" directory or the other one where you have your game installed and voila. Make sure you've clicked on the "Copy and Replace" button while copying it.


Voice by Cezary Żak
Montage by PeCeT_full (AKA ArtecTheFox)

Release date: 1st March 2016

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File #928, Karol Krawczyk (Miodowe lata)
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Jest szansa na soundbank z Norkiem czy Kurskim? :)

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zrób z tuskiem, z bronkiem, i kaczką
"dt-dibz> Mary J Tita gay"