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W:A Key Remapper by Tomi

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Name: W:A Key Remapper by Tomi
Type: Program
Author: Hungary Tomi

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Time: June 04, 2016, 12:11 PM
Little history:
A while ago I uploaded this remapper tool, but it had some bugs. However I fixed it and I am using it for a long time and it seems that it works pretty cool now. And because I see some topics about having problems with remappers I decided to upload it again.

- You can remap probably every key (I couldn't find any key on my keyboard which I couldn't remap to space).
- You can remap keys very fast with graphical user interface.
- It doesn't let you press a key which is pressed already -> it is not cheat in TUS games.
- It works only if W:A is running and it allows you to use remapped keys in chat.

How to use:
- Download zip, unpack it where you want.
- Start WAKeyRemapper.exe (it will start in background)
- Find the icon of the application near the clock (where you can change windows localization or volume) and double click on it (Right click on it if you want to close the app)
- There are two textboxes on the left side of Remap button. Click into the first one, press the key you want to replace, then click into the other one and press the key you want to use to remap and click Remap button.
- Check Start with windows if you want (recommended)
- Close the window (It will still run in background)
- HF

Known bug:
This tool assumes that the chat window is opened when the game is started (like in multiplayer games). So if you play offline where chat window is closed at the start of the game you need to press a key which indicates the chat window to close (page up or arrow keys) to start remapping keys.

- Should run on Windows XP too, but not tested.
- .Net framework 4.0 or higher must be installed on your computer. (Download)

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File #967, W:A Key Remapper by Tomi
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it's bugged as hell

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well.. bad luck :P