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How To Join A Cup
« on: November 05, 2009, 05:11 PM »
In the cups recent page, You will see the list of all cups being hosted. Next to the cup names, There's this lock image that can be locked or unlocked.

As I mentioned before, unlock image means it is a public cup and anybody can join, Locked image means it is a private cup. Just like the games we host in worms channels, When you see a locked image, Then you already know if you can join the cup or not ^^

However, The status column must say 'Signups are open' if it is possible to join the cup:

Click on the cup name to enter the cup. Once you entered it, If it is possible to join you will see:

If password is needed to join:

And if you simply can not join it:

By clicking on the join button, You join the cup and you will see your name in the 'Players registered so far' Table.

Now you gotta wait till enough players join the cup.
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