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How To Moderate Your Cup
« on: November 05, 2009, 09:51 PM »
This below content is for the people who have hosted their cup and their cup has been approved. This is your cup process:

Signups and Pairing to Groups
People start to join your cup, You can see the people have joined in a table below your cup information:

As you can see, The bottom of this table announce that how you can pair the players and if it is possible to pair them or not.

Minimum required people to start your cup is 6: 2 groups, 3 people in each.
Maximum is 80 people: 16 groups, 5 people in each.

There's a checkbox next ot each players name, In case you needed to delete them.
If it is possible to pair people, You will see the 'Pair in groups' button.

By hitting 'Pair in groups', System will randomly pair people in the groups.
There's also a checkbox called "Smart Pair" next to this button:
Do you remember when joining a tourney with your clan mates, And you were afraid that same people from your clan get paired together?
Well here comes smart pair ^^
Smart pair tries his best to avoid people from same clan, community or country fall into same group.
If there are even number of clans, communities or countries, Then 'Smart Pair' do its job so sharp.
For example,  In this test cup (image above), There are 8 dPs and 8 RoHs, So if I check Smart Pair, We will have 4 groups, 2 dPs and 2 RoHs in each.

But you gotta cut Smart Pair some slack, If there are 12 RoHs and 4 dPs, Smart Pair can't do magic ok?

Groups to Knockouts

Ok, I did Smart Pair and here are our groups:

Ok now that the groups have been paired, what's the first thing you must do?
Of course. You gotta set a deadline for people to get their games done!!

click on the 'Admin groups' on the top, where the red arrow points:

You have 3 things to set here:
1. Set a deadline for group. When set a countdown counter will be set.
2. Message, If you have anything special to say, You can save it here, It will display it under the deadline.
3. The proceed button. This button will proceed selected groups to knockouts. I'll get into it a bit later.

Everytime you set a deadline, System will update previous one with the new. so don't worry if you set it wrong. Same goes for the message to announce.

Ok, Now if you notice, There's admin link under each group too. Lets click on it to see what we've got there:

3 things here too:

1. Replace player. I had seen some people that exactly after groups being paired were like:
- Opps gotta go vacation!
- Meh Gradma died!

Well we're sorry that they can't participate anymore, But its ok, You have one last chance to replace them with other people. Just remember the guy you're replacing shouldn't have played any games in that group.

2. With this tool, You can send pm, Email to the selected people in that group. Asking/pushing them to play their games.
There's also another option 'Show on public'. If you check this box and send the message, Your message will be shown in the groups events. It is kinda like the mod notes. An example of a mod note:
"I dropped Rok and Menson from the group due to inactivity, Kinslayer and wormiverse were around..."

Note that if you wanna say something on public you don't need to select any member of the group.

3. Deadline for the group.
yea i know we already have a deadline for all the groups. But this one acts exactly the same but it is only for that group. I had seen in past that mods had to put different deadlines for some groups due to their reasonble excuses. So while you set a time for others to play their game, You can act differently for each group.

In the 'groups event', You will see every game that have been played in that group AND of course your notes. (Which you submitted though 'Say on public')

Ok, Now everything's clear here. Let's proceed people to knockouts ^^
On the right of the group box, You have these 2 columns labeled: '1st' and '2nd'.
Simply select the 1st and 2nd player of this group. You can pick one at a time too. Then click on the 'proceed' button on the 'Admin Groups' link on top. remember I said we'll get into that!

When you select a player as 1st or 2nd, The group proceed checkbox on the top right corner of it will be checked. The proceed button only proceed groups with check marks. So if you had second thoughts and wanted to postpone proceeding that group, Just uncheck its top right proceed box:

Knockouts to "We have a Winner!!'

The second you proceed a guy to knockouts, Knockout round will appear on the top of the groups:
I proceed all 8 in this example, Just so we can proceed all:

As you can see there's a proceed button under each box. Simply select the player and click on proceed to proceed the player into the next level.

Same admin box you had with the groups, You have them now with the knockouts:

3 Thing to set here also.
First 2 are deadline and inform message, Which will act exactly the same as before.
The third part is setting up your custom medals.
If you think TUS Cups default medals are ugly. It's ok, Set your own medal.
By default medals system will write the cup name and ID cup to the medal images, But if you are gonna set your own medal, System won't write on your medals. Because of different shapes and colors, It is not best to let the system write to your medal. (it may ruin your medal look)

Your custom medals height must be 128 pixels and width can be from 50 pixel to 150 pixels.

If you proceed people who are in final and bronze match, System will give medals to the players, Give points for the medals,  And finally it will close your cup!
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