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I didn't find a topic like this so decided to create one.

I just stumbled upon this game on Steam called Organic Panic. The physics looks pretty daymn impressive.

--- Quote ---'Worms meets Little Big Planet' in this madly destructible, physics based action platformer. Completely destructible levels, and reactive liquids as the Organics take on the Meats & Cheese cronies! Create and share your own levels with the in-game Level Editor.

    Destructible levels with fully interactive fluids.

    A physics puzzle adventure with hundreds of brain-teasing levels.

    Loads of fun game modes, including Co-op and Versus.

    All of the levels were built using the simple drag 'n draw in-game editor.

    Build, share and rate you own crazy physics levels - endless gameplay variety!

    The Game Menu serves as a giant sticker book for both adventure and user levels.

    A twisted comic book guides the single player game through the wild worlds of Organic Panic.

Level Editor - All of the levels we've built were made from scratch using the in-game editor. We will be giving you the in-game editor with the PC version of the game so you can build and share your own levels. We want to build a community of creative level builders so there are new levels to play every single day.

We have been working independently on the game from home for over half a decade.  The incredible dream of a ultimate physics puzzle game is finally nearing fruition!
--- End quote ---

The game goes on Steam Early Access May 14th.

that looks really cool... too bad its single player.

but still looks like it would be a lot of fun


However, if you search for other clones, there is a list:

Hedgewars (instead of worms, you have hedgehods)
Liero (not sure about it, but looks similar)
Warmux (free clone)
Onlineworms (Was only for korea, now discontinued, was worms 2 with minimal changes)

Thats all i know

Mayan Death Robots, a casual Worms-like multiplayer game, in beta right now.


40 minutes of gameplay:

Unfortunately the game in the opening post, Organic Panic, didn't seem to take off. There has been a couple of updates, but nobody is playing it.

This new game called Treadnauts is kind of cool looking. Worms meets Liero meets Rocket League? Currently in Steam Early Access:


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