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When you post a complaint, please help us with these guide lines. They will save us a lot of time, so we can solve complaints faster.

  • 1. Put the game page in the post (not the subject), so we can click it.
  • 2. Tell us the problem with as little words as possible.
  • 3. Tell us the time in the replay and which replay (if there are more than 1).
  • 4. Be polite. Don't start/continue flame wars.
  • 5. If someone reported a funner, post logs.
  • 6. Don't ask us to ban people.

Moderators may at some point decide to delete posts that don't contribute to the complaint at hand. If you find your post deleted from a complaint thread, please respect our decision to do so. If you disagree with the decision, please contact us through the PM system, rather than using that complaint thread for it.

@1: Example: If you put it in the subject, like here (, we can't go to the game page quickly.

@2 and 3: Example (BnG): My opponent did a sitter at 35:07 and he didn't skip his next turn.
Example (TTRR): My opponent says I didn't finish at 2:43, but I touched the finish. First replay was a draw, so click the second replay.

@4: Please be polite. We understand you may be angry or irritated because of a complaint, but that's not our fault. Insulting your opponent will not help you make your case.
Asking us to ban your opponent will not make any difference and in fact will force us to give you a warning (see this thread).
Don't fill the thread with flame wars. If you have a problem with someone, you can argue with them through the pm system:
We don't want to have to wade through 4 pages of flamewars to see if there's something useful in any of the posts. We didn't sign up for that.
In fact, whenever we see a complaint with 4 pages, we tend to avoid those complaints.

@5: Logs can be found in your user/logs directory. It stores all conversations from game lobbies, for example: * 2009-11-30 18.57.27 - #AnythingGoes - ĂźDarkone_cup - fenrys-che + DarkOne.log (0.66 kB - downloaded 95 times.)

@6: If you are asking for someone to be banned, then we will follow this thread:
If someone does something that deserves a ban, we will discuss that whether you ask for a ban or not.
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Re: Read this before posting
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Added a small paragraphs about logs :)

Re: Read this before posting
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Just because the last post was in June 2012 doesn't mean this thread no longer is valid, boys and girls ;)

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People still don't read this, so tell you what - if you don't read this thread before posting, I don't read your complaint and lock the thread.

I'll handle your complaint if you do what is asked for in this thread :)
Can't speak for other mods, of course.

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Made it more easily readable. If someone has problems understanding the post, please tell me.