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TUS Maps introduction and concept
« on: April 09, 2010, 06:07 AM »
Welcome to TUS Maps (Dedicated to Big billy, pr, Tenoritaiga and the community of WN)

This is a huge map database of all W:A maps, meaning PNG, BIT and LEV maps. Other than people uploading their maps, TUS maps has more gates to accepts maps.

Everyday many replays gets reported on TUS and TUS extracts maps from them. But lucky you, TUS knows the maps that are getting reported. so it can tell you where exactly your map has been played. Who are playing your map...

As for now I'm writing this, TUS has stored:
8,826 LEV unique maps.
5,696 BIT unique maps.
1,056 PNG unique maps.

Along with TUS map database, there are many tools being coded:

  • Online map editor: Almost everything starts here. You upload your desire map and map editor lets you choose what to do with that map.

  • Mappack database: You have the ability to make mappacks of any map on TUS and submit it. Your mappack will receive its own page and people can comment about it.

  • Favorite maps archive: every member receives a folder and can put his favorite maps there. You can create as many folder you want in this folder and organize your maps.

  • BIT/LEV map PNG converter: For map makers who like to use ingame elements. You can convert a BIT or LEV map as a PNG map.

  • No authors maps: This is actually a database of maps which we haven't assigned any author to them yet.

Note that although TUS Maps supports LEV maps, but it won't let you submit yourself as its author.
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