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Author Topic: A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns  (Read 6743 times)

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Re: A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns
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One of the characters that I mentioned before in Boggy B’s bios: Rookie

Name: Rookie
Gender: Female (…with a male name, this one is a Reverse Anime Trap)
First Appear: War’n’Guns 3D (Worms 3D)
Voice: Classic (Worms 3D)
Fanfare: Simple WF
Flag: Worm

Rookie is the main protagonist of the 3° generation (from Worms 3D to Worms 4 Mayhem)***. Rookie trough that nobody wanted a girl in battle and She decided to disguise herself as a boy, but after the last mission “One Small Step…” she sneezed and her disguised costume blows away and everyone (…except Burchelà Niertlhu) started to being shocked, but then they said that is alright. In Worms 4 Mayhem she dressed like a simple female soldier but in Worms Forts she was dressed like a boy again. In battle, Rookie is a great elite military soldier but also a cute cinnamon roll. Rookie returns in battle after hearing that even Boogie returns in War’n’Guns Ultimate^

While I was playing Worms Armageddon with the W3D Classic speech, I was having troubles for the gender of the character, but when I played with the W3D German speech a weird idea goes in my head: I decide to make W3D German character into an Anime Trap* and W3D Classic an Reverse Anime Trap**

*Male anime character disguised as a female.

**Female anime character disguised as a male.

***She did a comeback in the 4° generation.

^Simply Worms Armageddon but with the speechs from all Worms games and more landscape themes (MapGen)