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Author Topic: SHORT FILMS MEGATHREAD - Share sub-30-min films and/or your thoughts about them  (Read 412 times)

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Over time, I've come to appreciate short films more and more. Many great directors got their start with a short film, and it's not surprising; it's a fantastic way to showcase a filmmaker's unique style and vision. I decided to start this thread for sharing intriguing short films, discussing them, and discovering the community's favorites.

I'll start with Slaughterbots (2017) - A Black Mirror-esque short film in the style of a CES 20XX presentation.

I think, in real life, we can easily create countermeasures for such "slaughterbots", but I still enjoyed this short film as a rhetorical device and a cautionary statement.

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Gooder movie

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Gooder movie

ooo, a classic one! I'll also drop a classic then:

La jetée (1962) - The best powerpoint presentation you can watch, and the short film that inspired the cult classic 12 Monkeys

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i enjoyed this one a lot

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Nice thread.

I love short films, even made some myself. So I share a classic short film I watched over n over when I studied:

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I meant to post to this sooner, fan of short films here too!

This is one of my favourites, I'm a HUGE fan of sci-fi, especially if it's aliens or disaster end of the world type films:

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Didn't expect to see so many movies in just a few days. Just watched the last three, we got great variety here. :) Keep posting boys. I'll also a share a sci-fi one:

Mis-Drop (2013) - Sci-fi found footage; how I imagine your average foot soldier's life in Halo universe. I love the squad banter.

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Sharing an animated short film to further increase the variety here