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ae community
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June 05, 2014, 12:50 PM
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aeeeeee community for those worms that say "ae" ae.

eg; aeeee mae, aee man, aeee ns, aeeeee whats up?, stfu ae, what ae ? whats ea ae ? MaeheM is gae

You can also combine "ae" with certain words e.g. hae, bae bae, but wae? ae dunno wae, you lae, ae sea a laer, waed, naes, raes, flae etc.

now you know ae ?

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Israel Almog Normal
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Portugal DioZ Normal
Russian Federation Dmitry Normal
Hungary Dragon Normal
France DromEd Normal
Canada Drumstick Normal
Italy Echiko Normal
United States Farco/Ghost Admin
Hungary GodiTo Normal
Brazil GreatProfe Normal
Brazil Igoor Normal
Mexico Jago Normal
Australia Kangaroo Admin
Poland Kano888 Normal
Hungary Kilobyte Normal
Ukraine Lancelot Normal
Uruguay Mar-C-lito Normal
Canada Mat27 Normal
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan Admin
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Argentina NoWormNoCry Normal
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Germany Pulpo Normal
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Moldova San Franqe Normal
United States Shifty Normal
Netherlands StJimmy Normal
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Australia THYX Normal
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Brazil Thouson Normal
Pakistan ThriftyKid Normal
Poland XaRdWojtek Normal
Poland Zandi Normal
Brazil ZiPpO Normal
Ukraine argo Normal
Poland banan Normal
Russian Federation davidd Normal
Italy easy Normal
Argentina elbrujo Normal
Russian Federation fenrys Normal
United States goosey Normal
Bulgaria huskov Normal
United States kraefty Normal
Bhutan ll Normal
Argentina maaR Normal
Russian Federation opexx Normal
Argentina parcil`aDW Normal
Germany prinz`pilaf Normal
Poland r3spect Normal
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United States wza Normal