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Yes to pre-made clans over existing ones?

16 (72.7%)
6 (27.3%)

Total Members Voted: 22

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Re: Pre-made clans
« Reply #30 on: July 06, 2019, 08:50 PM »
So let me get this straight..

>tus had classic league, people weren't happy with being forced to play a scheme they didn't like so tus rules were abused by any means. At this point playing was frustrating but there were a lot of players around, so who cared.
>in order to solve this problem, tus league was first resetted, then split into two leagues with even more schemes in it.
>since the league had been split, you could say that you had more chances to find a game right? However, not only it didn't work, but the inactivity got even worse.

Now ive never seen half of the people posting here playing the league before all the pros had left this game and the league itself completely died. And you guys think you have the solutions to solve all these problems? Listen here, your opinion doesn't matter shit. All the changes i wrote above were made to encourage you newcomers, but the truth is that you're a bunch of spoiled lazy ass. You didn't play this league when it was fairly active or at least, when you did, you took it like a joke. You have no idea what it means to spam for a whole day #ag looking for a league game, you have no idea what it means to see some people playing with each other just because they didn't want to lose points and just because tus rules were too soft to let people like you play this league. Now you want an active league? And you think the problem are the clans that should be changed? ? Or as some of you retards are stating right now it's the site itself? It never came to your minds that the game is 20 years old and it has no innonative stuff like every single game has today such as an implemented league, profiles, buddy list and chat rooms? Aye, the problem is this site (which give you the features i've just mentioned now). Im sure MI won't even listen to you as he's tired of dealing with your bullshits because after all his hard work he didn't get the expected feedback we promised him. This is what you get and what you deserve.
A really good post, look at you sbaffo, from stoned teenager to elder WA statesman.

We can go back and forth for days about blame for the downfall of league play, but I find it negligent to blame MI for anything that has happened.  The home page has read the same from day 1 - a site for wormers, built on the suggestions of the community.  I have watched over the years as MI has complied with the suggestions of members; sometimes good, and occasionally terrible, but if it was the will of the people, MI has complied. 

So here we are at the forums homepage that has been guided by a wholistic, democratic approach, and people are complaining about the outcome.  If you want a culprit, point at yourself.  Not much work has gone into this community for a few years now, and your average drive by hot take on TUS involves trashing MI and deadcode and maligning the state of the community.

I think people have forgotten that the meager donation system on this website clearly isn’t enough to support it.  I don’t know how it was in the early years, but MI keeping this site online is clearly a labor of love at this point, as I’m sure he spends more than he takes in.  All these years, he has kept the site free of ads, and no one seems to notice.  If you really care about the community, give back.  The donation button exists, and TUS remains our WA home. 

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Re: Pre-made clans
« Reply #31 on: July 06, 2019, 10:31 PM »
About the website, I love it, as i'm sure a lot of people do as well, and I do agree with some things Sbaffo said, but let me put it in another perspective.

There are people who love Worms Armageddon, who love playing competitively, so they are more than happy to put the extra effort into browsing the TUS website, manually reporting games, manually learning how to optimize their game, spending extra money on keyboards that make your roping better, learning like 8 different schemes over many years, etc...

There are also people who don't like reading extremely long posts, regardless of how much useful information they contain, so they choose to ignore it, they don't put effort in, or because they generally don't like the person, they refuse to accept any truth that person might provide.

With all the popular games out there, and the simple ranked systems, as a gamer they are probably going to spend their time on a game where they spend as much time as possible playing, and less time searching for games, reporting games, complaining about violations of rules, having to manually download maps, asking for help with technical issues such as black screen, screen tearing, and countless other things.

Go back 10-20 years ago, when WA was booming, gaming was different back then, you couldn't easily play online with PS1, N64, etc, things were more difficult for everyone back then, in general people had to put more effort into learning how to play games without the millions of tutorials available on YouTube, games were generally harder so people would browse internet forums to find and share tips and tricks, tutorials etc.

In this world today, technology, social media, dating, the availability of online games and huge communities, the world is moving fast!

People don't want to put all the effort into learning a game like this, when they can play easier games.

Sbaffo, you are quick to call people "lazy ass", but the truth is, you became incredibly passionate about this game, how can you expect people who don't like the game as much as you, to sit around in WA all day looking for matches, playing schemes they don't like, for a League that has no real glory except the satisfaction of being number 1 in a crowd of about 100 good players...

You can't expect people to put such an incredible amount of time and effort into something that isn't worth it to them.

You can call people retards, or insult them in whatever way you wish, it still doesn't make you right, if you actually sat and thought about the bigger picture for a while, with everything I mentioned above, instead of expecting other people to put the same amount of effort as you into this game, you might see it's not just a bunch of inactive lazy people that made this game inactive.

Video killed the radio star, modern gaming kills ancient gaming, new things replace old things, it's quite simply the cycle of life as we know it, this game is old, it's impressive it's lasted this long, and we should feel good about what we contributed to this game when it was more active.

Edit - Also, back when I started playing, and many others, we had to wait forever on websites loading, with dialup etc, so we're used to sitting around all day waiting  :D ;D :D
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