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Welcome back Wally :)

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--- Quote from: Sensei on October 04, 2017, 06:57 PM ---Haha 2nd pic.. Wally all dressed up shivering and his dad in crocks without socks.
Old school!

Vn photos man!

--- End quote ---
that was my buddy john, he walked over 3,000 km this summer on the PCT, my dad has a pair of crocs though too, crocs are very popular among hikers here in usa

that day i was shivering though, overnight temps hit about -8 C and we had freezing rain all day, that fire we started there we sat around for 14 hours, didnt do any hiking that day because of the snow, the pass we needed to go over got a foot of snow so we had to wait it out

nice pics!

nice , so clean water there in lake :)   

That looks amazing James!

I was actually talking to Clint about possibly visiting you both next year sometime after June/July and maybe doing something like that, is that something you'd be interested in?

Of course, i'd have to lose a bit of weight  ;D


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