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February 03, 2015, 04:22 PM
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Welcome to ZaR!
The community is for fans of the ZaR scheme, a place to chat and arrange games. We will also be hosting tournaments and cups on a regular basis.

Members TUS Admin ZaR status
United Kingdom AP269 Normal Active
France Agneau Normal Unreachable
Argentina AlTarf Normal On&Off
Brazil Aladdin Normal Active
Italy BOROTALCO Normal Inactive
Chile DaRiOxD Normal Inactive
United States Daydreaminblue Normal Unreachable
France Doud Normal Inactive
Costa Rica Fenice Normal Active
Norway Kradie Admin Active
Poland Malas Normal Active
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan Normal Active
Slovakia Micro Normal Active
Greece Papa Normal Inactive
Brazil Pedro Normal Inactive
Turkey Psyerspective Normal Active
United States Sh0k Normal Unreachable
Poland Shulgin Normal Active
Canada Spenner Normal Unreachable
Germany Stressfish Normal Active
Hungary Tomi Normal Active
Russian Federation XanKriegor Normal Active
United Kingdom blitz Normal Active
United States goosey Normal Inactive
Russian Federation howaNuta Normal Active
Canada j0e Normal Inactive
Poland j0hny Normal Unreachable
Brazil jcesaar Normal Unreachable
United States kraefty Normal Inactive
United Kingdom lordglitch Normal Inactive
Brazil mrdoubl3k Normal Inactive
Italy rUNaW4y Normal Active
Spain rU` Normal Unreachable
Japan rokkudo Normal Active
Poland sm0k Normal Unreachable
United Kingdom spleen17 Admin Active
Germany style Normal Unreachable
Turkey tonadatriste Normal Active