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February 03, 2015, 04:22 PM
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Welcome to ZaR!

ZaR is a rope community focused on its various game modes, and is open for beginners and pros. The community promotes solidarity, & comradery for people of Worms Armageddon. This is a group to chat, chill, and have fun. If you want to be part of this you can reach out to Blitzed or Kradie. The community can be found at WormNET or Global Wormin' discord server. We hope to see you.

Global Wormin'

Important things to know about ZaR
We don't dislike parachute.
We don't play ZaR all the time.
We don't care if you are pro or not.
ZaR is not a clan but a community .
Nobody is required to use a ZaR tag.
ZaR is not a cult or political movement.

Read more about ZaR here

How to host?

In early 2015 on Worms Armageddon, three players: sm0k, spleen17, & Kradie made a game mode called ZaR Roper. The creative process of ZaR Roper started when sm0k and Kradie played a Roper. Kradie meandered on the notion why there hadn't been a popular rope scheme with no parachute. Soon after Sm0k showed Kradie an old version of Roper that was derived from the birthplace of rope games Worms 2. This scheme that sm0k showed is commonly known as ''w2roper''. w2roper was very popular in the early days on Worms 2. Though it quickly faded into obscurity in favor of an arguably a more refined version now known as Roper on the newer worms entries.

Apparently to the experience of both sm0k and Kradie: w2roper was arguably more difficult of its successor Roper. However it was not enough difficult for the two to enjoy its virtues. The duo began to tweak w2roper and added new Ideas to it. Each new Implementation helped shape the scheme into its own Identity. The scheme's weapon & tool Inventory was left only with one bazooka, and only one acrobatic mobility tool the ninja rope. From here on out the player spleen17 joined the creative process, and soon after the scheme came to be known as ZaR (Bazooka and Rope).

Immediately after the conception of the ZaR scheme, the trio created a community to solidify their crowning jewel in order to carry it into the future of Worms Armageddon. Ironically the name of this community came to be known as ''ZaR''. The group became an instant hit among ropers of WA, and gained a large following. Anyone who liked the scheme could join regardless of their skill level.

As time marched on, both sm0k and spleen17 became more preoccupied with real life priorities that required their attention. Kradie kept the train going forward, he recruited new members, created new ZaR schemes, and ZaR merchandises. The old school player blitzed(dibz) was rolled in as a secondary leader by Kradie. To this date the ZaR community is the biggest rope group on WA with a little over 100 members. This is a huge accomplishment considering that the WA community isn't as big and active.

Nowadays is business as usual: fun and games, chat and chill. With the occasional cup and tournament in ZaR's name.

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Chile wormack Normal