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Zook & Rope
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February 03, 2015, 04:22 PM
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Welcome to ZaR!

The community is for fans of the ZaR scheme regardless of skill level, a place to chat, arrange games & have fun.

Read more about ZaR here

Zarmageddon, a discord server for people to chat!

Can I join ZaR? You can join on these conditions
You don't mind roping without parachute.
You like at least one ZaR scheme.
You don't behave in an ill-intent way towards others.
You must have been active on WA 1 month with 1 nickname.
Regular encounters with Blitzed, Kradie & other ZaR members.
You must have a TUS account to be member.
Worms Roper League Here! Play ZaR Schemes competitively)

List of Zar Schemes

Classic Zar Roper

CaveZar (Cavern Zar)


Death Zar (Low Water Rise)

Xtreme Zar (10 sec turn time)

Zar Zero (No Rope Retreat)

BIG zar RR (No chute /batty & zook)

Holy ZaR Roper (Holy Hand Grenade)

WzW (W2W = 2 Attacks)

ZaR Roper Maps

Big RR Z Map Pack

WzW Map Pack

There are a couple of ZaR misconceptions that you should know about.
ZaR community is not a political movement.
ZaR members does not obsess about other people's skills.
ZaR people does not hate parachute.
ZaR people does not neglect people who uses parachute.
ZaR is a community not a clan! There is a difference.

Members TUS Admin
United Kingdom AP269 Normal
Slovenia AcidBurn Normal
France Agneau Normal
Argentina AlTarf Normal
Brazil Aladdin Normal
Turkey Anatolia Normal
Germany Anubis Normal
United Kingdom Azure Normal
Italy BOROTALCO Normal
Brazil Chapatin Normal
Chile DaRiOxD Normal
United States Daydreaminblue Normal
France Doud Normal
United Kingdom Dr green Normal
France Gersblues Normal
Italy JaJoe Normal
Argentina KeroxS Normal
Canada Knarf Normal
Turkey Koyun Normal
Norway Kradie Admin
Brazil LordFalcon Normal
Ukraine Luger Normal
Poland Malas Normal
France Mecreant Normal
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan Normal
Norway Mo0k Normal
Singapore Nick Riviera Normal
France Ox Normal
Greece Papa Normal
Brazil Pedro Normal
France PoloPoloPOlo Normal
Turkey Psyerspective Normal
Israel Rambow Normal
Ukraine Rocket Normal
Russian Federation Rogi Normal
Russian Federation Royal Normal
Uruguay Saberlo Normal
United States Sh0k Normal
Poland Shulgin Normal
Canada Slayin Normal
Canada Spenner Normal
Germany Stressfish Normal
Germany TMNR-Illusion Normal
Russian Federation W0RM Normal
Russian Federation XanKriegor Normal
Serbia Yaotlac Normal
Finland beerbellys Normal
United Kingdom blitzed Admin
Ukraine doc Normal
Germany eule Normal
United States goosey Normal
China guo-zi Normal
Russian Federation howaNuta Normal
United States iClown Normal
Poland j0hny Normal
Brazil jcesaar Normal
United States kraefty Normal
Spain lales Normal
United Kingdom lordglitch Normal
Argentina luishero Normal
Argentina maaR Normal
Brazil mrdoubl3k Normal
Germany nase Normal
United Kingdom niex Normal
United States oldsock Normal
Spain rU` Normal
Japan rokkudo Normal
Turkey sNoKé Normal
United States shadY Normal
Brazil sliip Normal
Poland sm0k Normal
United Kingdom spleen17 Normal
Uruguay stoner6 Normal
Germany style Normal
Turkey tonadatriste Normal
United Kingdom wiitard Normal
Chile wormack Normal