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[1] Oo tourney

[2] wkSuperFrontendHD 0.4.2 released [With HD graphics!]

[3] [virtually solved] Programming language used for worms (2 and/or armageddon)

[4] Can someone tech savvy create an autosplitter for Worms Armageddon speedrunning?

[5] DON'T UPDATE ON 1709! (WIN10)

[6] D3D9Wnd 0.7 - a native, Direct3D 9-based windowed mode and multi-monitor support

[7] What's going on with the WormNET server

[8] [Poll] WA 3.8 vs. SpaceX Falcon Heavy.

[9] Should they release Worms Armageddon v3.8 on Dec. 31st. even if it's unfinished?


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