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Author Topic: wkTerrainSync v 1.2.0 released - play custom missions online!  (Read 2273 times)

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Re: wkTerrainSync v 1.2.0 released - play custom missions online!
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Version 1.2.0 introduces support for custom .WAM files to be played in both offline and online multiplayer games.

A custom mission consists of 3 files:
- Map file in .img/.png/.bit format, for example: missionname.img
- WAM script with mission configuration with the same name as Map file, for example: missionname.wam
- [Optional] .WSC scheme to be used by the mission, with the same name as Map file, for example: missioname.wsc

More info regarding .WAM file format:

To play a mission, enter Map Editor and select .img/.png/.bit map file. If a .wam file with the same name exists, it will be automatically loaded. If .a .wsc scheme file with the same name exits, it will also be automatically loaded.

After exiting map editor, mission details will be displayed in chat (online multiplayer) or in a message box (offline multiplayer).
Add your teams to match what's displayed in mission description (in the exact same team order) and start the game. You don't need to set the number of worms in team and alliances - the module will do it automatically when you start the game.

If you've added less teams than the mission expects, CPU teams will be added automatically to match the requirement. If you add too many teams, they will be automatically removed.
To reset mission configuration and play a regular game simply generate or load a new map.

For your convenience the module will automatically copy default WA mission files to User/SavedLevels/Mission/WA/ folder (and slightly fix them).
Most WWP missions should be playable in WA - some might be broken because certain events are not present in WA.

By default, the mission files use an empty .WSC scheme file that is later populated by .WAM script when the mission begins - it will be labeled as [ Default mission scheme ]. This scheme can be edited by changing basic parameters such as turn time, round time, etc. It is also possible to enable 3.8 scheme extended options.
Mission files can also provide own .WSC scheme, it will be labeled as [ Mission-provided scheme ].
Note: not all scheme settings are preserved - some values are overwritten by .WAM file.

Replay compatibility
Custom mission replay files are fully supported by wkTerrainSync.

Unmodded WA has almost full support for such replays. Online multiplayer missions will raise checksum errors, because all teams will be assigned to the first player in the list. This will be probably fixed in future WA updates.
However, unmodded game will only playback mission replays containing Scheme files in version 1 format. Replays created with this module that contained v2 or v3 schemes probably won't be supported in future WA updates.

Extended WAM options
The module adds some custom fields to WAM file format:

Code: [Select]
[HumanTeam] or [CPUTeamX]

Optional = 1 ; a CPU team will not be spawned if no player team is added to cover this team
TeamNameValue=Team Name Text ; sets custom team name instead of one specified by TeamNameNumber
WormX_NameValue=Worm Name Text ; sets custom worm name instead of one specified by WormX_NameNumber

TypeOfEvent=10 ; show text event
Text_String_Value=Custom text message to be displayed ; sets custom text message instead of one specified by Text_String_Index

Lobby commands
The module implements some commands available in online lobby:
- /mission - show status of currently set mission
- mission attempts 5 - set attempt number of custom mission (used for activation gold/silver/bronze alternative events
- /mission reset - cancel currently loaded mission
- /terrains - send your wkTerrainSync version
- /terrains list - send your wkTerrainSync version and a list of installed terrains
- /terrains query - query wkTerrainSync version used by other players
- /terrains rescan - rescan terrain directory for new terrains
- /scale - show current map scale
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