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Author Topic: Worms Armageddon Install Guide for macOS 10.14 (GOG and CD Version)  (Read 79 times)

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Hey everyone, this is a easy guide to install worms armageddon on macOS using Homebrew instead of macports (as suggested by,  since ports thinks wine is no longer supported in macOS 10.14., wich is not (entirely) true

1. XCode install

2. XQuartz install:

for the next steps we need the "Terminal" App, just start it and type in the commands and hit enter

3. homebrew install:

Terminal Command:
Code: [Select]
sudo /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Note: there might be a lot of errors during homebrew install, just ignore them.

4. wine install:

Terminal Command:
Code: [Select]
brew install --cask wine-stable

From here on you can also use the guide on

5. install worms via wine

find out the directory of your WORMSINSTALLER.EXE, wether its GOG or CD or ISO doesn't matter I think.

Just open "TextEdit" App, Click New and Drag & Drop your install .exe onto an empty document. That should give you WORMSINSTALLER.EXE

Terminal Command:
Code: [Select]
For your worms installation, i would recommend the following directory, if you want to use a different one, keep in mind that you have to use it for all subsequent steps of this guide also:
Code: [Select]
c:/Team17/Worms Armageddon

6. Download & Install Update 3.8.1:

save it to "user/Downloads"

Install update:
Terminal Command:
Code: [Select]
wine ~/Downloads/WA_update-3.8.1_\[CD\]_Installer.exe
hopefully the installer chooses the right directory, if not you have to navigate to a hidden folder (which can be unhidden after opening a finder window and pressing [command]+[shift] + [.] (full stop/period)

navigate to:

USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Team17/Worms\ Armageddon/

and install the update into this directory, once again ignoring any errors.

Worms is installed and updated now.

7.  8) To Start worms:

Terminal Command:
Code: [Select]
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Team17/Worms\ Armageddon/wa.exe

8.  Done! you can now start worms using the above mentioned command

9. optional: make a shortcut to your Worms.exe, so you dont need to run it from terminal each time.

in short:

Open "Script Editor" app
and paste in the following:
Code: [Select]
on run

    --edit this to be the correct location and file to run (typically only edit after the "drive_c")

    set toRun to "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Team17/Worms Armageddon/wa.exe"

    --edit winePrefix if you are not using the default prefix

    set winePrefix to "$HOME/.wine"

    --edit wineLocation if your wine install is not the default location

    set wineLocation to "/usr/local/bin"

    --edit dyldFallbackLibraryPath to your X11 lib folder, this one is set for XQuartz on 10.6+

    set dyldFallbackLibraryPath to "/opt/X11/lib"

    --Setting freetype rendering to 35 fixes blurred fonts when using newer freetype versions

    set freetypefix to "truetype:interpreter-version=35"




    set toRunPath to do shell script "WINEPREFIX=\"" & winePrefix & "\"; TEMPVAR=\"" & toRun & "\"; echo \"${TEMPVAR%/*}\""

    set toRunFile to do shell script "WINEPREFIX=\"" & winePrefix & "\"; TEMPVAR=\"" & toRun & "\"; TEMPVAR2=\"" & toRunPath & "\"; echo \"${TEMPVAR#$TEMPVAR2/}\""

    do shell script "PATH=\"" & wineLocation & ":$PATH\"; export WINEPREFIX=\"" & winePrefix & "\"; export DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH=\"" & dyldFallbackLibraryPath & "\"; export FREETYPE_PROPERTIES=\"" & freetypefix & "\"; cd \"" & toRunPath & "\"; wine \"" & toRunFile & "\" > /dev/null 2>&1 &"

    end run

Then click "export" and save this script wherever you want.


Good Luck & Have fun
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