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Worms Speedrunning
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If you're like me and you sometimes want to play worms competitively but are struggling to find the right match, you might like worms speedrunning! You don't have to rely on finding an opponent and the various categories available for running are all very competitive. You also get tons of general worms practice when speedrunning that'll improve your league/cup competitive play.

If you're interested, come join the Worms Speedrunning discord:
We're a very collaborative and helpful community and will gladly help anyone interested in trying out speedrunning.

For W:A, the main two categories are All Missions Any% and Deathmatch Any%.. doing all missions is fun because it's all about your execution on carefully crafted strategies. There's also still room for finding new strategies that save time. The world record for all missions is getting dangerously close to sub-1hr (Mablak has 1hr 6min):

Deathmatch is completely different, requiring you to adapt to rng and show off your general worms skills. Since the deathmatch scheme is close to intermediate, it's a good category to hone your intermediate skills with.

There's work being done to speed run worms 2, worms world party, and worms reloaded as well.

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