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TRL #8
March 29, 2012, 08:33 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TRL: Hysteria before the game. Gained 41|41 points
Absolute Beginner 1040 in TRL: Hysteria before the game. Lost 41|41 points

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2 - 1
2 - 1
2 - 1
2 - 1
Information Game scheme: TRL: Hysteria
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1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 13 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Chelsea`eS] hf
[mm`tita] random
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] xD
[mmStat!KnlF] hfz
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: tele cow
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: use ir
[Chelsea`eS] hf
[mm`tita] ops
[mmStat!KnlF] wtf
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[mmStat!KnlF] don't kill me
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: xDDD
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: sorry
[Chelsea`eS] gj
[mm`tita] gg
[Kaleu-eS] ta
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] go away
[mmStat!KnlF] xd
[Kaleu-eS] lolz
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: kill me with jet + mi?e + pille randim
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: mine*
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: random
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[Kaleu-eS] n
[Chelsea`eS] t
[mm`tita] ops
[mm`tita] gg?
[mm`tita] xDD
[mmStat!KnlF] puta
[mmStat!KnlF] xd
[mm`tita] ole
[Chelsea`eS] ;/
[mmStat!KnlF] huhu
[mm`tita] awwwww
[Chelsea`eS] ahh
[Kaleu-eS] rofl
[mm`tita] :)
[Chelsea`eS] ;/
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] 69
[mm`tita] adooooroooo
[mm`tita] k?ew
[mm`tita] knew
[mm`tita] ops
[mmStat!KnlF] almost xd
[mm`tita] xDDD
[mm`tita] yeah
[mmStat!KnlF] heh
[mm`tita] aww
[mm`tita] nt
[mmStat!KnlF] ty xd
[mm`tita] 18
[mmStat!KnlF] 19
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[Chelsea`eS] 17
[Chelsea`eS] :P
[Chelsea`eS] heheh I won
[Chelsea`eS] xDDD
[mm`tita] 17 é cachorro
[Kaleu-eS] 24 é viado
[Kaleu-eS] xD
[mm`tita] xD
[mm`tita] é nao
[mm`tita] 24 eh outra coisa
[Kaleu-eS] 24 é tita
[mm`tita] 24 eh seu futuro
[Kaleu-eS] lol
[mm`tita] awwwwwwwwww
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] o0
[mm`tita] >
[mm`tita] ()==============3
[mmStat!KnlF] gg xd
[mm`tita] :(__)
[mm`tita] awww
[Kaleu-eS] lives
[Chelsea`eS] gg
[mm`tita] gg
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: awww
[mm`tita] :D
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] lol
[Chelsea`eS] what ?!
[Chelsea`eS] loool
[mmStat!KnlF] would be epic plop
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[mm`tita] 100% planed
[mm`tita] xD
[mm`tita] 64 vs 54
[mm`tita] xD
[Kaleu-eS] petrol
[Chelsea`eS] ffbbff
[Kaleu-eS] u serious?
[Chelsea`eS] i wanted nade
[mmStat!KnlF] attack!
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] danger
[Chelsea`eS] i probably should move xd
[mm`tita] cool
[mmStat!KnlF] ye move left ir right
[mmStat!KnlF] so he can telecow
[mm`tita] humm
[Kaleu-eS] lollllllll
[mm`tita] die shark
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: max kick
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: move ur worm down a little maybe
[mm`tita] : (
[mmStat!KnlF] 7aw
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] ^^
[mm`tita] suspense
[mm`tita] my tatto
[mm`tita] :(
[Chelsea`eS] damn pixel
[mm`tita] do not destroyer
[mm`tita] :(
[Chelsea`eS] nt
[mmStat!KnlF] aw
[mm`tita] no max now
[mmStat!KnlF] try 6
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[mm`tita] xD
[mmStat!KnlF] ugly scheme
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[mm`tita] ops
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: mental panic
[Chelsea`eS] damn
[mmStat!KnlF] :<
[mm`tita] porra
[mm`tita] ae
[mm`tita] stop
[mm`tita] xD
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: i can kill two worms with 1 shot
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: hard .
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: lol ^^
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: u can skip 10 turns, sd comes = gg for them xD
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: lol
[Chelsea`eS] lol
[Kaleu-eS] why not nade
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: i have a good plan
[Kaleu-eS] -______---
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: if u tele to 33, will the another worm kill u?
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: i'll killl
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: or die
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: LG + molotov
[mm`tita] hot old place
[Kaleu-eS] gg
[mm`tita] pfft
[Chelsea`eS] finnish him
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] hahahahahaha
[mmStat!KnlF] нy aштшыp
[mm`tita] what a joke
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: remember power!
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: if i survive , next time i hit him
[Chelsea`eS] what ?!
[mm`tita] worms
[Chelsea`eS] -__-
[mmStat!KnlF] kurwa mac!
[mm`tita] hysteria
[mmStat!KnlF] gj xD
[mm`tita] kurwa a direita
[mm`tita] ty
[mm`tita] cool
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: wanted kill two
[mmStat!KnlF] u'd better survive now
[mm`tita] :D
[mm`tita] humm
[mmStat!KnlF] hot
[mm`tita] yeah
[mmStat!KnlF] just 1
[mmStat!KnlF] :D
[Kaleu-eS] RLY
[Kaleu-eS] ?
[mmStat!KnlF] oh not again
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] u can't play hyst xD normal hyst is 8 min length!
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: mb cow, but risky xD
mm`tita..mmStat!KnlF: lol
[mmStat!KnlF] not bad :D
[mm`tita] gg
[Chelsea`eS] nooo
[Kaleu-eS] 18
[Kaleu-eS] rofl
[mm`tita] 18? ja ta de maior heim
[mmStat!KnlF] tita da killer
[mm`tita] :D
[mm`tita] lol
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: no need lg, just 3s
[mm`tita] :D
[mmStat!KnlF] FIGHT!
[mm`tita] lets to fight
[Chelsea`eS] aaa
[Kaleu-eS] lol man
[mmStat!KnlF] bye kaleu
[mm`tita] lol
[mmStat!KnlF] xD
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] lool
[mm`tita] LoooooooooooooL
mmStat!KnlF..mm`tita: go closer to him lol xD
[mmStat!KnlF] ok repeat 5 times
[mm`tita] xD
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] lol
[mm`tita] zuca
[Chelsea`eS] thinking
[mm`tita] gg
[mmStat!KnlF] pro
[mmStat!KnlF] ggz

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