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Game #126205, reported by jot, Viewed 650 Time(s)

Classic #28, HAL #1
October 04, 2012, 08:02 PM
Novice 1333 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 61|57 points more
Fairly Competent 1732 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 42|57 points more

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
2 - 2
11 - 11
6 - 6
28 - 51
Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[eS`jot] hf
[eS`jot] bunda
[BonhertCKC] hf
[eS`IscOrp] peitão = big tits
[eS`IscOrp] bundão = big ass
[Chelsea`eS] hf
[BonhertCKC] good save
[BonhertCKC] thats how u do
[BonhertCKC] watch gays
[ckc`crash`] xd
[BonhertCKC] and make some notes
[BonhertCKC] look
[ckc`crash`] na co xd
[BonhertCKC] good
[BonhertCKC] dobrze, przygotowuje pole
[Chelsea`eS] gj
[BonhertCKC] kurwa moje pole
[eS`jot] ty
[BonhertCKC] :D
[BonhertCKC] znasZ?
[eS`jot] oraj pole :D
[BonhertCKC] ale go dzisiaj bija
[BonhertCKC] no ale go dzisiaj obijaja
[Chelsea`eS] gj
[eS`jot] t
[BonhertCKC] see
[BonhertCKC] told u
[BonhertCKC] mhehe
eS`IscOrp..eS`Tomi: im scary...
[Chelsea`eS] ae xd
eS`Tomi..eS`IscOrp: I'm Tomi
[eS`IscOrp] xD
[BonhertCKC] hehe
[BonhertCKC] all intended
eS`IscOrp..eS`Tomi: i know...that's the reason
eS`IscOrp..eS`Tomi: ahahahaha
[Chelsea`eS] kurde
eS`Tomi..eS`IscOrp: :DDD
[Chelsea`eS] za slabo
[eS`jot] ; D
eS`IscOrp..eS`Tomi: jk...but we will play ttrr...and we arent so warmed...
[eS`jot] kurwa
[ckc`crash`] :P
eS`Tomi..eS`IscOrp: np man..
[eS`jot] kurwa
[eS`jot] mac
eS`IscOrp..eS`Tomi: ...yes. u are the master xD
eS`Tomi..eS`IscOrp: ye..ye I know
eS`Tomi..eS`IscOrp: :DDD
[eS`jot] phew
[ckc`crash`] wyzej lol
[eS`jot] :<
[Chelsea`eS] :D
[eS`jot] xd
[BonhertCKC] na 1 wyszlo
[eS`IscOrp] gg Chelsea?
[Chelsea`eS] nope :P
[eS`jot] kurwa
[ckc`crash`] -.-
[eS`IscOrp] good
[eS`jot] ty
[eS`jot] gg
[Chelsea`eS] gg
[eS`Tomi] who is usor?
[eS`IscOrp] dunno
[Chelsea`eS] :D
[eS`IscOrp] he is talking to me here
[eS`IscOrp] jot noob
[eS`IscOrp] xD
[eS`Tomi] easy..
[eS`IscOrp] Usor is easy?
[eS`jot] danke scorp4: *
[Chelsea`eS] gg
[Chelsea`eS] :D
[eS`jot] gg
[eS`IscOrp] gg
[BonhertCKC] gg
[ckc`crash`] o
[eS`IscOrp] host up

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Offline Chelsea

Game #126205, reported by jot
« on: October 05, 2012, 06:41 AM »
Really funny game <3

I hope we will meet this weekend Jot <3 :D