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Classic #30
February 12, 2013, 10:28 PM
Veteran 1944 in Elite before the game. Gained 41|8 points
Absolute Beginner 1023 in Elite before the game. Lost 8|8 points

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Information Game scheme: Elite
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[CF-Ray`ea] hf
[CF-Random00`ea] hf
[PeJ`AeF] hf
[AeF`HHC`] hf
[PeJ`AeF] deine klausuren schon rum random?
[CF-Random00`ea] jo
[CF-Random00`ea] letzten mittwoch die letzte?
[PeJ`AeF] liefs gut?
<<PeJ`AeF>> gj
<<PeJ`AeF>> guess i can only axe
[AeF`HHC`] doh
[AeF`HHC`] shitty hole
[CF-Ray`ea] this was soooo long ago, love it
<<PeJ`AeF>> what you do?
<<PeJ`AeF>> looks liekt ele
[CF-SPW`ea] heh ray^^
[PeJ`AeF] nope its fine random next
<<PeJ`AeF>> hope u kill now xd
[CF-Ray`ea] Random is still "last-second-battleracer"
[PeJ`AeF] gj
[AeF`HHC`] t
[CF-Ray`ea] yea nice
[PeJ`AeF] militärmarschmusik ftw
[CF-Ray`ea] xDD
[AeF`HHC`] wee
[PeJ`AeF] nt
[CF-SPW`ea] ty
[CF-Ray`ea] nt xd
[AeF`HHC`] just oldschool marsches pej?
[CF-Ray`ea] die andere :D
[PeJ`AeF] indeed
[AeF`HHC`] oki
[PeJ`AeF] passt zu worms
[AeF`HHC`] whatever brings joy to the prussian soul
[AeF`HHC`] :D
<<PeJ`AeF>> hm im gonan rope
<<PeJ`AeF>> killing edel or something different?
[PeJ`AeF] gj
[AeF`HHC`] :(
[CF-SPW`ea] phew^^
<<PeJ`AeF>> shall i nap?
<<PeJ`AeF>> i get f@#!ed now xd
[PeJ`AeF] phew
[CF-Ray`ea] someone's cold xd
[CF-Ray`ea] lol
[PeJ`AeF] gj
[AeF`HHC`] t
[CF-Random00`ea] n xd
[PeJ`AeF] wie gehts dem ray?
[AeF`HHC`] raging wie immer?
[CF-Ray`ea] I never rage >.<
[AeF`HHC`] on the edge
[CF-Ray`ea] bin ich gut ^^
[AeF`HHC`] :D
[CF-Ray`ea] got suspended at work...
[AeF`HHC`] lol
[PeJ`AeF] ouch
[AeF`HHC`] how come ray?
[PeJ`AeF] freedom figher now?
[CF-Ray`ea] didn't have neough time to maintain quality in my work due to school
<<PeJ`AeF>> block mal 71
[CF-Ray`ea] I was doing bad job
[CF-Ray`ea] so I'm not on projects until the summer
[AeF`HHC`] damn
[PeJ`AeF] nt xd
<<PeJ`AeF>> hope he doesnt kill ym rope worm now
<<PeJ`AeF>> nap?
[CF-Ray`ea] sucks because I need income for my school tuition...
[CF-Ray`ea] is that called tuition? the prize you pay?
<<PeJ`AeF>> why u didnt block?
[AeF`HHC`] i think so
<<PeJ`AeF>> well still2 ropes now
[CF-Ray`ea] well anyway, sucks
<<PeJ`AeF>> and not sure if i wouldnt f@#! upt he rope
<<PeJ`AeF>> what i do?
[CF-Ray`ea] but hey here's worms! xD
<<PeJ`AeF>> xd
[AeF`HHC`] uff
<<PeJ`AeF>> more down?
[CF-Ray`ea] what is AeF btw?
[AeF`HHC`] audere est facere
[AeF`HHC`] dare = do
[CF-Ray`ea] that didn't make it any cleare
[CF-Ray`ea] r
[PeJ`AeF] since someone took q tag .....
[CF-Ray`ea] who's in this clan?
[AeF`HHC`] us and philie
[CF-Ray`ea] good, small clans ftw :)
[AeF`HHC`] daaah
[PeJ`AeF] rofl
[CF-Ray`ea] wow
<<PeJ`AeF>> guess i should realyl move soon
<<PeJ`AeF>> block pls
<<PeJ`AeF>> ich komme zu dir?
<<PeJ`AeF>> da?
[CF-Ray`ea] XD
<<PeJ`AeF>> maybe block now?
<<PeJ`AeF>> we have enough left i guess
[AeF`HHC`] hm
[AeF`HHC`] the land left that is
<<PeJ`AeF>> ah xd
<<PeJ`AeF>> block den spw
<<PeJ`AeF>> that not
[PeJ`AeF] gg
<<PeJ`AeF>> still rope
<<PeJ`AeF>> push
<<PeJ`AeF>> with ss
<<PeJ`AeF>> legalize
[AeF`HHC`] need to hope for fly
<<PeJ`AeF>> on mekelos
[AeF`HHC`] not quite
[CF-Random00`ea] gg
[CF-SPW`ea] gg
[AeF`HHC`] gg
[CF-Ray`ea] yay
[CF-Ray`ea] gg
[PeJ`AeF] gg

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