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Game #164785, reported by Xrayez, Viewed 678 Time(s)

HAL #4
February 27, 2014, 06:31 PM
Ukraine che pH a2b
Sum: Rookie 1279 in HAL Aerial before the game. Gained 43|40 points
Bulgaria BFW pH BoM
Sum: Rookie 1279 in HAL Aerial before the game. Gained 43|40 points
Sum: Rookie 1294 in HAL Aerial before the game. Lost 38|40 points
Poland dP pH Kf BoM
Sum: Rookie 1294 in HAL Aerial before the game. Lost 38|40 points

Game Rate
5 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
Players history No players history is available for singles 2v2 or 3v3.
Information Game scheme: HAL Aerial
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
Watch The Game Replay(s):
Downloaded 127 time(s).
Game Awards
Ukraine Xrayez has nominated this game for Game of the season (Addional note)
Poland Hussar has nominated this game for Game of the season (Addional note)
Game Map(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 16 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] hf
[che`Xrayez] funz
[dt`titahemp] GG
[che`Xrayez] darn hides againz
[Chelsea`p3] gg tita xd
[dt`titahemp] lol
[che`Xrayez] xD
[che`Xrayez] lele
[Chelsea`p3] lmfao
[dt`titahemp] fuckkkk
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: lmao xD
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: reminds me of the game vs husk in che clanna
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: xDDDDDD
[che`Xrayez] from this time aerial requires edited elite maps lol
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] aw
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: asd
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: sg?
[che`Xrayez] ye
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: pls dont die :}
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: i think this is last game for me.
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: tita raged xDDD
[che`Xrayez] damn
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ;<
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] dude...
[che`Xrayez] i can't
[Chelsea`p3] damn lol
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] offf
[che`Xrayez] turn advantage pwning me
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: vry weird mapa
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: all down
[che`Xrayez] lol
[che`Xrayez] helped
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ;s
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] im jailed
[Chelsea`p3] pls nuke xD
[Chelsea`p3] lmfao !!! 3 nades
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] XD!
[Chelsea`p3] best crate ever
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] in kaos i was have x1 skip go
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] and x1 surr
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] xD
[che`Xrayez] :D
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: help?
[che`Xrayez] open up
[che`Xrayez] side
[che`Xrayez] nono xD
[che`Xrayez] other way
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] hard
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: xD
[Chelsea`p3] noob me
[che`Xrayez] my body is raedy
[Chelsea`p3] aaaa
[che`Xrayez] :}
[che`Xrayez] maan
[Chelsea`p3] thx xD
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] im suck.
[che`Xrayez] i could kill him
[che`Xrayez] shoulda warn
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] y u no beep me D:
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: sry.
[che`Xrayez] fecked up now oof
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ;|
[Chelsea`p3] ok gamer beated tita now gamer vs chelsea
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] fk mom
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] sadjlkqwrejklrewqlkjrewqlkewlkqwelk;weqwkjlrqwkjlrewfsfd
[che`Xrayez] nt
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] im screwed.
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] fkcing parents.
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] non stop distrub.
[che`Xrayez] bl
[che`Xrayez] gooooder
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] iae
[Chelsea`p3] wow
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] aaaa
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] im risk to much...
[Chelsea`p3] aaa
[che`Xrayez] oi nice
[che`Xrayez] get him
[che`Xrayez] sheep
[che`Xrayez] !
[che`Xrayez] damn
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] FK
[che`Xrayez] block 81
[che`Xrayez] yaya
[che`Xrayez] get crate after
[che`Xrayez] aaa
[che`Xrayez] get crate
[che`Xrayez] w\e crate xD
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: tele
[Chelsea`p3] what the hell ?!
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] hmmm.
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] dot
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: D:::
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: im so noob.
[che`Xrayez] nade
[che`Xrayez] kinda
[che`Xrayez] oof
[che`Xrayez] dunno dunno
[che`Xrayez] mine
[che`Xrayez] activate
[che`Xrayez] !!
[Chelsea`p3] stop it xrayez lol
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ;O
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] rnd indeed.
[che`Xrayez] crate
[che`Xrayez] ah no
[che`Xrayez] yyayaya
[che`Xrayez] no higher
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] :s
[che`Xrayez] hmmm
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] dunno...
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] to hard
[che`Xrayez] go up just
[che`Xrayez] lol
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] eeeekk
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ;\
[che`Xrayez] plz kill
[che`Xrayez] xD
[Chelsea`p3] how ? xD
[che`Xrayez] damn close
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] aaaaaaaa
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] sry m8
[che`Xrayez] red crosss
[che`Xrayez] get them all
[che`Xrayez] nade and crate
[che`Xrayez] crate mate D::
[Chelsea`p3] good xD
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] u say nade
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] .
[che`Xrayez] nade and crate
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ;<
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: mine lolo
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: im scared....
[Chelsea`p3] xD
[che`Xrayez] go up
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: like?
[che`Xrayez] no reason to hide while he can't get you
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] hmmm
[che`Xrayez] no blow
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: :/
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: oh lol
[che`Xrayez] tele away
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: ;/
[che`Xrayez] damn
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] aw xD
[Chelsea`p3] ahh knew ;/
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: strike?
[che`Xrayez] mine!
[che`Xrayez] yeye
[che`Xrayez] ae
[che`Xrayez] gae
[che`Xrayez] hyana
[che`Xrayez] yes
[che`Xrayez] xD
[che`Xrayez] damn
[che`Xrayez] lol yea
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] XD
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] omg
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] 4??!?1//1/1/
[che`Xrayez] omfg
[Chelsea`p3] lol
[Chelsea`p3] wtf ?!
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] pro lucka indeed.
[che`Xrayez] tele other side
[Chelsea`p3] you mines strike was same lucky lmao
[che`Xrayez] right >>
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: D:::::
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: i want to screw.
[che`Xrayez] open up a bit
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] -_-
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] shit.
[che`Xrayez] hmmm pixa
[che`Xrayez] cluster
[che`Xrayez] or w\e
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: idk ;/
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: im fell so sad after that mine strike fail
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: D:
[che`Xrayez] ae?
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ???
[Chelsea`p3] doh
UC`Wormgamer`dS..che`Xrayez: damn
[Chelsea`p3] aaa
[che`Xrayez] don't risk imo
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] mine in the way
[Chelsea`p3] damn
[Chelsea`p3] almost
[che`Xrayez] get out xD
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] pfffffff
[che`Xrayez] normal i guess
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] sry m8
[che`Xrayez] i hope
[che`Xrayez] ae
[Chelsea`p3] aaaa
[che`Xrayez] drill?
[che`Xrayez] or don't risk
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] no way.
[che`Xrayez] nono
[che`Xrayez] D:::::::
[che`Xrayez] xD
[Chelsea`p3] dfjdfdfjhfdjfd
[Chelsea`p3] gg
[che`Xrayez] no sg
[che`Xrayez] petrol from top
[che`Xrayez] xDor that
[Chelsea`p3] knew
[Chelsea`p3] ;/
[che`Xrayez] gg mate
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] ufff
[UC`Wormgamer`dS] my heart.
[che`Xrayez] ggs

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Game #164785, reported by Xrayez
« on: February 27, 2014, 09:44 PM »
GG in first turn!  was comic.