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Classic #45
June 30, 2015, 11:14 AM
Veteran 1908 in WxW before the game. Gained 22|6 points
Absolute Beginner 856 in WxW before the game. Lost 8|6 points

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Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Funx
[UC`MarianRV`pH] oh,wrong message
[UC`MarianRV`pH] NoWaifuNoLaifu
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Only Turnips
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: ok
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: i won hysteria btw
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: ok
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: i had 35 or smt wins in row in tus
[Mega`Adnan`UC] 3 walls?
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: then i played with ryan and he fucked it :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] yiis xD (c)
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: coz ttrr
[UC`MarianRV`pH] mmm,bacooooon
[Mega`Adnan`UC] omg
[csonglt] ow
[Mega`Adnan`UC] stupid me
[UC`MarianRV`pH] wtf adnan....
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: if i play with noobs maybe i go to 50 or more :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] I'm using Unreal Tournament speech xD
[UC`MarianRV`pH] oh well
[UC`MarianRV`pH] gg points
[Mega`Adnan`UC] LOL
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ...........
[csonglt] ;o
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] this is
[Mega`Adnan`UC] the worst
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ever
[Mega`Adnan`UC] day of my life
[csonglt] lol
[UC`MarianRV`pH] for fuck's sake...
[UC`MarianRV`pH] damn table,can't play...
[UC`MarianRV`pH] sry Adnan
[UC`MarianRV`pH] I'm a shame aswell
[Mega`Adnan`UC] np
[Mega`Adnan`UC] My fault first
[csonglt] hm
[Mega`Adnan`UC] stupid
[Mega`Adnan`UC] rage quit?
[UC`MarianRV`pH] plan C I guess
[csonglt] B was ? :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] strategy game
[UC`MarianRV`pH] plan A :Do whatever you want xD
[csonglt] nice plans
[csonglt] ;d
[UC`MarianRV`pH] yea,I know
[UC`MarianRV`pH] for fuck'
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 's sake,what's going on with me...
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Let's just say
[Mega`Adnan`UC] First day is always hard
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ok,I give up,can't play wxw with my laptop on this fucking improvised table
[UC`MarianRV`pH] gonna rage mode
[csonglt] Marian,I beat you there.. playing on my lt from my bed! :DD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] lel
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] first blood successful
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD
[csonglt] and my improvised table it's my lt bag :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] well
[csonglt] and my mouse pad is some harry potter book, lol
[UC`MarianRV`pH] atleast your table isn't shaking after even the slightest push :/
[csonglt] nu cred ca am intrebat nici o data
[csonglt] de la ce vine rv ? :D
[UC`MarianRV`pH] Re-Volt
[UC`MarianRV`pH] alt joc de prin 1998-1999
[UC`MarianRV`pH] :)
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Actually
[csonglt] inteleg
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Berria maps are creepy for me
[UC`MarianRV`pH] I hate berria maps xD
[csonglt] best leauge w><w maps since wnl
[csonglt] and it's been a while since wnl ;d
[UC`MarianRV`pH] wnl?
[csonglt] wormnet legends
[csonglt] pretty oldschool clan
[csonglt] they made a bunch of nice maps
[UC`MarianRV`pH] mhm
[UC`MarianRV`pH] can I join dP? xD
[csonglt] Mune,Stroughum,Punisher etc..
[Mega`Adnan`UC] oh Kinu
[csonglt] maybe u heard of them
[ZaR-LatiOs`hcp] marian traitor xD
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ae
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Nah
[Mega`Adnan`UC] we will become stronger
[Mega`Adnan`UC] you'll see about that
[UC`MarianRV`pH] really?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ;O
[UC`MarianRV`pH] only me and you play clanners,lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Piki started too lel
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Triad asss well
[UC`MarianRV`pH] ass
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] oh cmon
[UC`MarianRV`pH] shameful game
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Kinu yelling Kill the Pile!
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: 2:1
[Mega`Adnan`UC] or was it csonar?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] csongar*
[UC`MarianRV`pH] who knows
KinslayeR`dP..csonglt: tonight argentina
[csonglt] kinu was the one who played
[KinslayeR`dP] lol we will have 1 second longer day
[KinslayeR`dP] finally i can sleep longer
[UC`MarianRV`pH] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] I wish I had flame thrower
[UC`MarianRV`pH] I wish I had cows
[Mega`Adnan`UC] bah
[UC`MarianRV`pH] hmm
[Mega`Adnan`UC] bg
[csonglt] gg
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 47 vs about 350
[UC`MarianRV`pH] challenge accepted
[KinslayeR`dP] darts third?
[UC`MarianRV`pH] argh!
[UC`MarianRV`pH] umm
[UC`MarianRV`pH] darts is tfl tho
[Mega`Adnan`UC] lol darts
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Hysteria maybe?
[UC`MarianRV`pH] neah
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Lets be serious
[UC`MarianRV`pH] don't wanna be humiliated anymore
[UC`MarianRV`pH] bg
[Mega`Adnan`UC] not yet
[Mega`Adnan`UC] 39
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 38]
[Mega`Adnan`UC] 8*
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`pH] DAAAMN!
[UC`MarianRV`pH] 22?
[csonglt] gg
[UC`MarianRV`pH] gg

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