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HAL #5
July 20, 2015, 05:40 PM
Romania UC PCMR dS
Beginner 1081 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Gained 27|28 points
Saudi Arabia Pn ae WG`
Absolute Beginner 818 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Lost 30|28 points

Information Game scheme: HAL Hysteria
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] why u again
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Funx
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] gl,hf
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 45
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,55
[Mega`Adnan`UC] 60
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I was closer :P
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ok,that's 12
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] damn you 13!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] LOL
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Moon ne1?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] die!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] in pain!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Ahoy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh well
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 63
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] damn +3
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Pain aka Naruto Devil
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] episode 44 of Gintama
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] has naruto parody
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Bye Piki
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] Gintama Shippuden xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] wow
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Now I can die in peace
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] n place for s**,PornAd`nan xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] hueheu (C)
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] phew wind
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 43
[Mega`Adnan`UC] cry?
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu 44
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew
[Mega`Adnan`UC] not cried
[Mega`Adnan`UC] gj 3ad
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] NoobRV into action
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] pls copy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[Mega`Adnan`UC] nt copy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] bad copy-paster,bad boy!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol traitor-nan?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] orly
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 14-14
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] slow
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] NoobRV
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fuck offf
[Mega`Adnan`UC] fuck off (c) Tailor
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] Tailor?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Taner the Mighty Tailor
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 6
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] YAY!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] LOL
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] guessed it ifnally
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] hmm
[Mega`Adnan`UC] 2
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 2
[Mega`Adnan`UC] LOL
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xDS
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] it will take forever this way xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] I need 1 hp
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 1-up u mean
[Mega`Adnan`UC] for Mardian
[Mega`Adnan`UC] cry
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] mummy (c)
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu wind
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ty wind*
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Ns
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] that's worse
[Mega`Adnan`UC] sloah!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] than my bungee skill
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh well,plan B
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] hi
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Ahoy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh wait
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I have 2 worms
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] lemme
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] cry?
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] pls no!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] phew
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I'm a man,pls!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Bitch pls
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] die granny!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] You can't make me cry
[Mega`Adnan`UC] coz edge
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] lol?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Die Lagnan!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] pls lemme kill Noobnan
[Mega`Adnan`UC] No one crying
[Mega`Adnan`UC] wtf
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu wind
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fly birdie
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I mean zooka
[Mega`Adnan`UC] 408
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] blue for noobnan pls
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] it can't go further then 900 and some if I remember right
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ching chong
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Here I cum!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] come*
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] die ice!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I mean land
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] terrain
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] pixelated stuff
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] don't you dare
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] blue
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] fu xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] rofl
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ae
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] wtf am I doing lol
[Mega`Adnan`UC] old place
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] LagdrianVR
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Edge mine!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] edgy
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] mummy
[Mega`Adnan`UC] no wind lol
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] suka racista
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] wind xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ty blue
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] not the leaves
Mega`Adnan`UC [Blue] Yw ;]
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] die!
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ach
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] hca
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] glof mode?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] rofl
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] orly again there
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] PastRV
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I love how Adnan has full hp xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] I mean my team's
[Mega`Adnan`UC] !yn Will I get Dorami-chan?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Umm.. damn bot xD
UC`MarianRV`ZaR [RandomBot:Not in this universe!]
[Mega`Adnan`UC] D:
[Mega`Adnan`UC] no tickles?
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh no
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] !yn Will I win?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] tickles
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] ew
Mega`Adnan`UC [RandomBot: In another universe probably.]
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] noobest hide ever
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] RndBot doesn't have that kind of answer :/
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] almost gg`ed :/
[Mega`Adnan`UC] ack
[Mega`Adnan`UC] LOL
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] 16
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] oh well
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] noob aim?
[Mega`Adnan`UC] cry :'(
[Mega`Adnan`UC] pro
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] gg
[Mega`Adnan`UC] Gg
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] Porn Ads ftw!
[UC`MarianRV`ZaR] xD
[Mega`Adnan`UC] xD

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