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Classic #54
January 23, 2017, 10:15 PM
Absolute Beginner 941 in WxW before the game. Gained 41|42 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in WxW before the game. Lost 42|42 points

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7 - 5
3 - 0
125 - 88
Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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WxW_23 by RIP
1920 x 696, BIT, 0.4 KB, Downloaded 440 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
dt-blitz..dt-knightz: d/lin now
[Fen`l3x] hf
dt-knightz..dt-blitz: gl
[dt-blitz] hf
dt-knightz..dt-blitz: ae boa
[NiCothine-l3x] GG
[dt-blitz] xD
[dt`avirex] gg
[Fen`l3x] XD
[dt`avirex] ;p
[NiCothine-l3x] first game in 3412425 days xd
[Fen`l3x] a ver si llego
[NiCothine-l3x] xD
[Fen`l3x] esta dificil
[NiCothine-l3x] si
[dt-knightz] n
[dt`avirex] thnx
[Fen`l3x] n
[NiCothine-l3x] ty
[dt`avirex] gj diibz
[NiCothine-l3x] gj weap
[dt-knightz] boa mano
[Fen`l3x] ew
[NiCothine-l3x] te emocionaste ctm xd
[Fen`l3x] es q hay q ir medio rapido
[dt-knightz] i go buy beer real quick, brb
[Fen`l3x] xD
[dt`avirex] lolz
[NiCothine-l3x] wtf
[dt`avirex] bl :X
[NiCothine-l3x] what pick guyz?
[NiCothine-l3x] yo no xd
[NiCothine-l3x] ya vamos a recuperar wn
[NiCothine-l3x] a que hora puedes jugar tu?
[Fen`l3x] no se, en la noche creo
[Fen`l3x] Xd
[NiCothine-l3x] xD
[NiCothine-l3x] csm
[NiCothine-l3x] o te da igual?
dt`avirex..dt-blitz: ok
[Fen`l3x] :X
dt`avirex..dt-blitz: maybe can hit 64 into him, and get grv dmg
[dt`avirex] shit
[Fen`l3x] esto es como black haciendo claner
[Fen`l3x] Xd
[NiCothine-l3x] xD
[Fen`l3x] gj xD
[NiCothine-l3x] ty
[NiCothine-l3x] un poco tarde me pongo a hacer weas buenas si
[Fen`l3x] igual es el primer clanner xD
[Fen`l3x] ya calentaremos
[dt`avirex] gj
[Fen`l3x] thx
[dt-knightz] back
[dt`avirex] die plz
[dt`avirex] ty
[NiCothine-l3x] lucky of noob
[dt`avirex] anger of bad sport
[dt`avirex] :D
[NiCothine-l3x] gg
[Fen`l3x] wut xD
[NiCothine-l3x] xD
[NiCothine-l3x] me apresure mucho wn
[dt`avirex] i g2g
[dt`avirex] after this game
[Fen`l3x] igual hacia falta su sheep
[dt-knightz] u're a f@#!ing c@#! ae
[dt`avirex] bl
[dt`avirex] gg
[dt`avirex] nvm
[Fen`l3x] gg
[Fen`l3x] xD
[dt`avirex] 4
[dt`avirex] :D
[dt`avirex] gg

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