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March 27, 2017, 06:27 PM
Beginner 1100 in WxW before the game. Gained 23|23 points
Absolute Beginner 720 in WxW before the game. Lost 30|23 points

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Information Game scheme: WxW
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WxW_19 by RIP
1920 x 696, BIT, 4.63 KB, Downloaded 288 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[TdC`Senator] hf
[dt`avirex`] wtf is this
[dt`tomt`tr] maze
[dt`avirex`] w10w, ttrr addition?
[dt`avirex`] :DD
[TdC`Senator] 4 walls
[dt`avirex`] hehe i know
[dt`avirex`] just looks so much worse at first appearance.. its probably not nearly as bad as it seems though
[dt-Aladdin] nice map xd
[dt`tomt`tr] can you upload map packs to wmdb?
[dt-Aladdin] after xd
[dt`tomt`tr] yes im here :D
[dt`tomt`tr] but is it possible?
[spleen17`d2L] wmdb cant take .bit maps
[dt`tomt`tr] to upload a pack, or you need to upload 1 by 1
[spleen17`d2L] so you'd have to convert them
[dt`tomt`tr] lol hi spleen didnt see you
[spleen17`d2L] hi mate
dt`tomt`tr..dt-Aladdin: np :) warming up
[dt`avirex`] do people use "craigslist" in other countries??? im assuming not.
[dt`avirex`] there some fucking strange mofocks on craigslist though, jeez
[dt`tomt`tr] I think world wide
[dt`avirex`] some are even scaring me!!! and im one of the least judgemental people there is.... or maybe i just thought i was
[dt`avirex`] because these people are fucking freakz!!! :DDD
[dt`avirex`] and im judging hehe
[dt`avirex`] good place for hookers, i suppose thats it
[dt`avirex`] lmao
[dt`tomt`tr] lol :D
[dt-Aladdin] aa fuck
[dt`avirex`] i made a post, looking for a road trip partner... for vacation/holidy
[dt`avirex`] im getting emails with some fucked up suggestion, and ideas
[dt`avirex`] one guy says.. hey... im 31/m/ straight... but im a nudist... no big deal right?? when do u want to leave????
[dt`avirex`] as if ill let some fucking dude naked ass enter my vehicle :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
[spleen17`d2L] lol
[dt`avirex`] and thats just one of the bizzarre emails
[dt`tomt`tr] haha
[dt-Aladdin] haha
[spleen17`d2L] what do these people do in winter, seriously
[spleen17`d2L] heating bills must be through the roof
[dt`tomt`tr] j
[dt-Aladdin] ty
[dt`avirex`] hmmmm not sure... i always have always found when put in extremly cold situations
[dt`avirex`] my ballsack is an extremely kind source of heat....
[dt`avirex`] so, maybe they are onto something we all dont know
[dt`avirex`] :DDD
[dt`tomt`tr] yes :D
[dt`tomt`tr] good point
[dt`avirex`] lmfao
[dt`avirex`] whew.. nice roping
[dt-Aladdin] n
[dt`avirex`] who the hell is this freak of nature?
[dt`avirex`] its tomt??
[dt`tomt`tr] thanks
[dt`avirex`] that was a nice turn tomt
[dt`tomt`tr] tyvm
[dt`avirex`] i was not a nudist at the start of your turn, but i am now!!
[dt`avirex`] was just so sexy
[dt`tomt`tr] lol
[dt`tomt`tr] gogo
[dt`tomt`tr] gj
[dt-Aladdin] ty
[dt`tomt`tr] sheep did a small jump ^^^
[dt-Aladdin] haha
[dt`tomt`tr] I thought itd jump over him
[dt-Aladdin] lol
[dt`tomt`tr] ow
[dt-Aladdin] nice
[dt`tomt`tr] tx :p
[dt`avirex`] oof
[dt`tomt`tr] gj!
[dt-Aladdin] ty
[spleen17`d2L] sheep is a good weapon on these maps
[dt`tomt`tr] yea
[dt`tomt`tr] and mad cow
[dt`tomt`tr] ^^
[TdC`Senator] gotta get off the big rr mode
[TdC`Senator] im roping like on big rr map xd
[dt`tomt`tr] :D
[dt`tomt`tr] isnt wxw pretty similar
[TdC`Senator] ye except for the climbs
[dt`tomt`tr] nd
[dt`tomt`tr] I see
[dt-Aladdin] damm
[dt`tomt`tr] is the path below faster?
[dt`avirex`] ut oh
[dt-Aladdin] n1
[dt`avirex`] nd
[dt`tomt`tr] tx
[dt`tomt`tr] ^_^
[dt-Aladdin] nt
[dt`tomt`tr] aww
[spleen17`d2L] haha tomt
[dt`tomt`tr] :P
[dt`avirex`] tomt, i wish u could be my road trip partner
[dt`tomt`tr] where you going?
[dt`avirex`] you could play guitar, and give me live entertainment! :D
[dt`tomt`tr] and we could fund the trip
[dt`tomt`tr] ^^
[dt`avirex`] rolling rock band
[dt`avirex`] im going all over america.
[dt`tomt`tr] aha
[dt`tomt`tr] ns
[TdC`Senator] gg
[dt`tomt`tr] gg
[dt-Aladdin] ty gg
[dt`avirex`] gg
[dt`tomt`tr] lets do it but in a few year
[dt`avirex`] so... AG?
[dt`tomt`tr] years
[dt`tomt`tr] guess so

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