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Game #218202, reported by spleen17, Viewed 132 Time(s)

Allround #1, Rope #1
April 19, 2017, 11:07 PM
United Kingdom TdC dS ZaR
Absolute Beginner 1039 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Gained 43|44 points more
United States NBR S17
Beginner 1147 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Lost 44|44 points more

Information Game scheme: Big RR/Tower
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[spleen17`TdC] weird map
[NBRthewalrus] ya
[NBRthewalrus] bizare
[spleen17`TdC] sid?
[NBRthewalrus] very un side like
[NBRthewalrus] sid
[NBRthewalrus] maybe sid did this on drug
[NBRthewalrus] oooh this ativan is starting to arrive
[NBRthewalrus] its a party im glad to be invited to
[spleen17`TdC] how many did you do
[NBRthewalrus] 5 mg
[NBRthewalrus] 10 pills
[NBRthewalrus] .6 mg dose
[NBRthewalrus] .5*
[NBRthewalrus] bizarre sid map
[NBRthewalrus] the most techincal roper will be proven
[NBRthewalrus] is it spleen or is it walrus
[NBRthewalrus] who went first btw
[spleen17`TdC] dunno
[NBRthewalrus] it was you limey seeker of the old oltraviolence
[NBRthewalrus] well my lead gone now
[NBRthewalrus] this is what i woule call a gimmicky map
[NBRthewalrus] so we are even spleen
[spleen17`TdC] lol
[NBRthewalrus] not bad spleenyt
[NBRthewalrus] fuckikng]
[NBRthewalrus] the smnokstack got me
[spleen17`TdC] i kinda like it
[spleen17`TdC] im sure that won't surprise you
[NBRthewalrus] i dont think im at the hate stage
[NBRthewalrus] but i need some speedways
[NBRthewalrus] nonr to be found here
[NBRthewalrus] how we doing tiebreaks
[spleen17`TdC] draw
[spleen17`TdC] that ios current rules
[NBRthewalrus] no replayt
[NBRthewalrus] ?
[NBRthewalrus] damn you worm is poerfectly in union
[NBRthewalrus] with the alls
[spleen17`TdC] this map rules
[spleen17`TdC] i love sid
[spleen17`TdC] i will mapbash sopmeone on this tommorrow
[NBRthewalrus] this is an engineering map
[NBRthewalrus] speed has no place here
[spleen17`TdC] yeah perfect for me
[NBRthewalrus] wooo
[NBRthewalrus] that was clean
[NBRthewalrus] SiD - the deep cuts
[NBRthewalrus] clockwork orange on vinyl
[NBRthewalrus] damnit all\
[NBRthewalrus] really
[NBRthewalrus] parachuter failed me
[NBRthewalrus] wow
[NBRthewalrus] that fucking start\
[NBRthewalrus] notyhing would goodamn work
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[NBRthewalrus] brutal mapo
[NBRthewalrus] damn so close
[spleen17`TdC] so we're doing rount time remaining yeah?
[spleen17`TdC] lol
[spleen17`TdC] gg
[NBRthewalrus] hmm\]

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Game #218202, reported by spleen17
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love it when the keyboard determines the winner and not anything else

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Re: Game #218202, reported by spleen17
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A bad worksman always blames his benzos

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Re: Game #218202, reported by spleen17
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A bad worksman always blames his benzos
shutup sam

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Re: Game #218202, reported by spleen17
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pro excuse