October 22, 2017, 08:17 AM

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Free #32
June 17, 2017, 07:41 PM
Chile NBR BrS
Sum: Novice 1363 in Aerial before the game. Gained 34|19 points
Brazil dt
Sum: Novice 1363 in Aerial before the game. Gained 34|19 points
Sum: Absolute Beginner 871 in Aerial before the game. Lost 23|19 points
Sum: Absolute Beginner 871 in Aerial before the game. Lost 23|19 points

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Players history No players history is available for singles 2v2 or 3v3.
Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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[Godmax] Pussies and Gentlemonkeys, welcome to a new Max Schema era. Tobias, present or not, is in a fantastic condition and we wil fucking win nonstop in 2017 I can promise you that. Enjoy the Max Scheme air breathe it inhale it and let the fucking shit begin! Victory smells like:
[Godmax] titmilk
[dt`tita] =1
[dt`tita] -1
[Godmax] last match for the day
[Godmax] gotta remember the 1:1 though
[Godmax] we have to continue that shit
[Godmax] fuck it
[dt`tita] hot
[Godmax] gabriel you enjoying the return of the free league so far
[NBRgab] no
[NBRgab] didn't even notice t
[dt`tita] ajajja
[NBRgab] hi
[dt`tita] hi
[Godmax] i made it happen
[Godmax] thanks to me its all back
[Godmax] I like to brag about it
[NBRgab] to be fair
[Godmax] if you didnt notice then well fuck it
[NBRgab] i doubt leagues will have another pinnacle
[Godmax] we just need a chance to upload shit
[Godmax] i dont need more
[NBRgab] they be gone for good
[Godmax] fight, rape, upload and its all good
[dt`tita] hot
[Godmax] you understand gabriel
[dt`tita] yay
[Godmax] i dont need leaderboard shit you cant win anything anyway with all the bitches playing nonstop
[Godmax] but uploading a win to tus feels good
[Godmax] it feels refreshing
[Godmax] wild
[NBRgab] i don't really know if it works like that
[Godmax] what
[dt`tita] bat and pille?
[dt`tita] heyyy
[NBRgab] tita this is not wormolympics
[NBRgab] and this is not worms basketball
[dt`tita] xD
[Godmax] fucked hard
[ZaLO] cool1
[Godmax] aerial is a good scheme
[Godmax] ok qwild
[Godmax] big wep worked tis time
[Godmax] more or less
[dt`tita] weeeee
[NBRgab] nice.
[dt`tita] :D
[NBRgab] you see tita for example
[dt`tita] t
[NBRgab] he never really stops playing
[NBRgab] but he doesn't play that much
[Godmax] assholes
[NBRgab] he still does good in most schemes
[ZaLO] ehh
dt`tita..NBRgab: parei por q o telhado da minha casa desabou
[Godmax] most schemes wouldnt interest me
[Godmax] i play very few that i like
[Godmax] max scheme and aerial for example
[Godmax] thats it
dt`tita..NBRgab: perdi TV sof , guarda roupa
dt`tita..NBRgab: perdi tudo
[Godmax] FUCK THEM
[Godmax] FLY SHEEP
[Godmax] ok
[dt`tita] 14
[dt`tita] goallll
[Godmax] assfuckers
[Godmax] it was dbl dmg
[dt`tita] njs
[Godmax] SHEEP
[Godmax] fuck bacon with it
[Godmax] or thats all over
[Godmax] doesnt matter
NBRgab..dt`tita: e pq se desabou?
[dt`tita] aqua sheep
[Godmax] fuck me
[dt`tita] xD
dt`tita..NBRgab: cupin
[Godmax] FUCK OFF
[dt`tita] xD
NBRgab..dt`tita: cupin??!?!?
dt`tita..NBRgab: inseto que come madeira
NBRgab..dt`tita: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[Godmax] fuck off
dt`tita..NBRgab: >;
[Godmax] this game is fucking shit
[Godmax] they will blow up our asses
[Godmax] get the good stuff nonstop
[Godmax] we are fucked
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] YES
[dt`tita] euiehaiehuae
[dt`tita] xD
[Godmax] get med kit
[Godmax] i will fuck the bacon
[Godmax] EAT MY ASS
[Godmax] WHY
[dt`tita] lmao
[Godmax] EAT MY ASS
[Godmax] EAT IT
[Godmax] NOW
[dt`tita] lmao
[Godmax] pthank god
[dt`tita] xDDDDDD
[Godmax] ate his dong
[Godmax] NO
[Godmax] ASSHOLE
[Godmax] ZALO
[Godmax] you gotta fuck him
[Godmax] finish him off
[Godmax] thx
[Godmax] NOPE
[Godmax] FUCK OFF
[dt`tita] nicee
[dt`tita] :D
[Godmax] FUCK HIM
[Godmax] NOW
[Godmax] give tpo kevin bacon
[Godmax] give it to him good
[Godmax] good
[Godmax] fucked
[NBRgab] ok i think this is enough handicap
[Godmax] fuck off
[Godmax] fuck this shit
[dt`tita] harley
[dt`tita] the commet
[Godmax] give it to them good zaklo
[Godmax] good wind for bazookaaction
[Godmax] fuck them
[Godmax] NO NO NO
[dt`tita] oléée
[dt`tita] oléééé
[NBRgab] XDD
[Godmax] yes oleee in the pants
[Godmax] YES
[NBRgab] haircuttttttttttttttttttt
[NBRgab] oleeeeeeeeeeeeee
[dt`tita] oléééé
[Godmax] shit
[dt`tita] olé
[Godmax] wanted to fuck the cactus
[Godmax] or a worm
[Godmax] ofc
[Godmax] we need that cactus gone zalo
[NBRgab] lol
[dt`tita] wtf
[NBRgab] ggggggggggggggggggggggggg
[dt`tita] gab
[dt`tita] xD
[NBRgab] my mouse fell off the bed
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] FUCKED
[dt`tita] 26
[dt`tita] xD
[NBRgab] and the camera moved off the map
[Godmax] dont play in bed
[Godmax] FUCKED
[Godmax] gab is history
[NBRgab] yeah
[Godmax] shit
[Godmax] fuck
[Godmax] NO
[ZaLO] ffs
[Godmax] LUCKER
[Godmax] WHORE
[dt`tita] hhahhahah
[NBRgab] i trust tita anyways
[NBRgab] he's way better than you both
[ZaLO] why do I die in such lucky ways...
[dt`tita] xD
[dt`tita] TRUEEE
[ZaLO] tita is a stillborn donkey
[dt`tita] pode reportas gab?
[NBRgab] not enough stillborn to play only mole shopper for months
[Godmax] FUCKRED
[NBRgab] xD
[dt`tita] hohooh
[ZaLO] good job
[Godmax] mole shopper is a good scheme
[Godmax] fuck me
[dt`tita] nh
[ZaLO] gab, u really think u roast somebody with this mole thing?
[dt`tita] :)
[NBRgab] no, do you really think i tried to roast you?
[ZaLO] you did
[NBRgab] i'm not into that
[Godmax] zalo is a molelegend
[Godmax] ALIVE
[ZaLO] dude, just stop... just stop...
[Godmax] BITCH
[dt`tita] np :)
[ZaLO] just stop what u are trying to say before it will go against u
[Godmax] FUCKED
[Godmax] HARD
[dt`tita] plop
[NBRgab] against me?
[ZaLO] well done gmax
[Godmax] HEY
[Godmax] concentrate on the fight
[NBRgab] and how are you gonna take anything against me?
[Godmax] not titlicking
[NBRgab] come on
[NBRgab] you threw it out already
[Godmax] tita tita
[NBRgab] be a man and say
[Godmax] away with your shit
[ZaLO] me? you embarass yourself on your own, I don't even have to help u
[Godmax] HEY concentrate on the fight
[Godmax] its all or nothing here
[Godmax] i gotta fuck tita
[NBRgab] who cares about a game godmax
[Godmax] hard
[ZaLO] I do
[Godmax] anyone who joins here
[Godmax] thats who
[Godmax] FUCK
[dt`tita] lmao
[Godmax] assfucker
[dt`tita] xDD
[NBRgab] dude those are not even insults anymore
[dt`tita] xDDDDD
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] thank god wind
[Godmax] well water i am dead soon
[Godmax] i cxant keep this up for long
[Godmax] i am fucked soon
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] thats it
[dt`tita] jaajjajaa]
[dt`tita] xDDDDDDDDDD
[Godmax] i am not good enough with bazooka cant help it
[Godmax] now fuck me
[Godmax] lucker
[dt`tita] diee
[ZaLO] almost fail
[NBRgab] gg
[dt`tita] shut up zalo

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Offline Gabriel

Game #220178, reported by Gabriel
« on: June 17, 2017, 07:42 PM »
heyyyy tita thanks for the carry

nice to see you are still around
23:30: gooseysnoop> my balls 
23:30: gooseysnoop> are boiled 
23:30: NBRgab-> oh 
23:30: NBRgab-> like 
23:30: NBRgab-> coconuts 
01:07: gooseysnoop> no 
01:07: gooseysnoop> coconuts are not boiled 
01:07: gooseysnoop> u fool 
01:08: NBRgab-> hey 
01:08: NBRgab-> but boiled coconuts are 
01:08: gooseysnoop> fuck. good point

Re: Game #220178, reported by Gabriel
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2017, 07:48 PM »
Hes not back, u either ;D
This game was a dream about TFL revival.

wtf tita`s home !! sad to hear that.

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Re: Game #220178, reported by Gabriel
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2017, 08:04 PM »
Stinky luckers a disgrace

Offline tita

Re: Game #220178, reported by Gabriel
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2017, 09:18 PM »
aee   thx  lales and gab!!!

Offline Godmax

Re: Game #220178, reported by Gabriel
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2017, 10:06 AM »
Thx for what? For not killing you? No prob it was a clear easy victory I am too bad with Bazooka fuck off