July 16, 2018, 04:44 AM

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Free #32
August 27, 2017, 10:27 PM
Absolute Beginner 991 in Aerial before the game. Gained 18|19 points
Bulgaria CfR MAF
Absolute Beginner 492 in Aerial before the game. Lost 37|19 points

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7 - 5
Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Germany Godmax has nominated this game for Game of the season
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Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 6 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Godmax] Pusies and Gentlemonkeys, welcome to a new Max Schema era. Tobias, present or not, is in a fantastic condition and we will fucking win nonstop in 2017 I can promise you that. Enjoy the Max Scheme air breathe it inhale it and let the fucking shit begin! Victory smells like:
[MIGHTY`taner] i will fuckin report
[Godmax] borscht
[MIGHTY`taner] wtf is a borscht
[Godmax] fuck position
[Godmax] tell her lemur
[Godmax] ähh i mean tell him
[Godmax] fucked
[lemur] its a red soup
[lemur] with beet
[Godmax] russian stuff
[Godmax] ASSHOLE
[lemur] btw isnt it borschtsch in german?
[MIGHTY`taner] red soup from vaginal juice?
[MIGHTY`taner] mmm
[MIGHTY`taner] i love it
[Godmax] ehm
[Godmax] i know it as borscht
[Godmax] WHAT
[Godmax] taner you son of a bitch
[lemur] sweet
[MIGHTY`taner] max wtf i guitarplayercock
[Godmax] fucked
[Godmax] its a new wormcreation
[Godmax] ALIVE
[MIGHTY`taner] u got a small penis
[MIGHTY`taner] im reporting
[Godmax] you have the small dong here
[Godmax] FUCKED
[Godmax] asshole
[MIGHTY`taner] im a fuckin beast
[lemur] mkay im gonna rope some
[lemur] hf guys
[MIGHTY`taner] dont caps lock on me
[Godmax] damn donglover
[Godmax] puhhh
[MIGHTY`taner] i dont think ull ever like to play me 1v1
[MIGHTY`taner] brb i will masturbate
[Godmax] stinky fucker
[MIGHTY`taner] cmon u autism
[MIGHTY`taner] o
[Godmax] whorerapist
[Godmax] dongmonkey
[MIGHTY`taner] thats me
[MIGHTY`taner] i rape dead zebras
[Godmax] and why
[MIGHTY`taner] its a manly thing
[MIGHTY`taner] max does ur mom know about ur dirty mouth?
[Godmax] dirty cock only
[Godmax] she washes it every day
[MIGHTY`taner] ur mother washes ur cock?
[Godmax] wtfis this shit
[Godmax] right
[MIGHTY`taner] tell her mine needs some washing too
[Godmax] that will cost you a few pennies
[Godmax] lucker
[MIGHTY`taner] pro
[MIGHTY`taner] igotabigone
[Godmax] no
[Godmax] oh oh
[Godmax] asshole
[MIGHTY`taner] i have always been a humble rapist
[MIGHTY`taner] noob
[MIGHTY`taner] i fuck u now
[Godmax] what was that
[Godmax] fuck this lag
[Godmax] wtf
[Godmax] lost 1 good sec
[Godmax] assholes
[Godmax] wtf
[Godmax] shit
[Godmax] fuck
[MIGHTY`taner] shit
[MIGHTY`taner] fuckoff
[Godmax] wtf
[Godmax] motherfucker
[Godmax] noob amateur
[Godmax] fucked in the ass
[Godmax] fucked hard
[Godmax] raped
[Godmax] fucked
[Godmax] fucked
[Godmax] fucked
[Godmax] fucked
[Godmax] right in teh ass

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