September 19, 2018, 05:40 PM

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Rope #3, Allround #2
September 18, 2017, 02:58 AM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Roper before the game. Gained 22|22 points more
Chile HCP
Absolute Beginner 579 in Roper before the game. Lost 38|22 points more

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Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[`HCP`MegamanFan] Bloopy es más viejo que los porotos con rienda
[`HCP`MegamanFan] los mapas de bloopy
[Stuka] xDD
[Stuka] n1
[`HCP`MegamanFan] lagero ctmrarere
[`HCP`MegamanFan] se pone en la cabeza
[`HCP`MegamanFan] así hace más daño
[Stuka] no me digas xD
[`HCP`MegamanFan] buenísima
[`HCP`MegamanFan] wena po
[`HCP`MegamanFan] xD
[Stuka] jeje
[Stuka] ew
[`HCP`MegamanFan] cajas qlias
[Stuka] xD
[`HCP`MegamanFan] xD vbl
[Stuka] ew
[Stuka] xDxDXD
[`HCP`MegamanFan] EW
[`HCP`MegamanFan] ke puto asco
[`HCP`MegamanFan] hard
[Stuka] izi
[Stuka] hard
[`HCP`MegamanFan] lag
[`HCP`MegamanFan] ew
[Stuka] ew
`HCP`MegamanFan..Stuka: eso es lo que pienso de tu mam
[Stuka] EW
[Stuka] Ew
[`HCP`MegamanFan] EW
[`HCP`MegamanFan] toca las 2 paredes
[`HCP`MegamanFan] w2w
[`HCP`MegamanFan] ohhh
[`HCP`MegamanFan] EW
[`HCP`MegamanFan] uh?
[`HCP`MegamanFan] que pasó compadre?
[`HCP`MegamanFan] buena
[`HCP`MegamanFan] como todo un pro
[`HCP`MegamanFan] buena x20
[`HCP`MegamanFan] :V
[Stuka] xD
[Stuka] ew
[`HCP`MegamanFan] baa
[`HCP`MegamanFan] esta verga es muy díficil
[Stuka] :(:(:(:(
[`HCP`MegamanFan] xD
[Stuka] ew
[`HCP`MegamanFan] xD
[`HCP`MegamanFan] esto no va a terminar nunca
[Stuka] eso es lo malo de los roper
[Stuka] son muy largos
[Stuka] xD
[`HCP`MegamanFan] estaba desesperados
[`HCP`MegamanFan] necesitaba hacerlo
[`HCP`MegamanFan] disculpa
[Stuka] buena
[`HCP`MegamanFan] ty
[Stuka] g
[Stuka] g
[Stuka] xD
[`HCP`MegamanFan] ohh T-T
[`HCP`MegamanFan] gg
[Stuka] vbl
[Stuka] xDDD
[Stuka] gg
[`HCP`MegamanFan] MIREDAS
[Stuka] jajajajaaj

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