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Free #33
September 28, 2017, 10:26 PM
Germany UC dS Kf
Absolute Beginner 846 in Aerial before the game. Gained 21|27 points
Absolute Beginner 570 in Aerial before the game. Lost 47|27 points

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Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[UC`Hurz`dS] funz
[Throsti] hf gl
[UC`Hurz`dS] did i mention i dont like this scheme? :D
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[Throsti] ahh
[Throsti] who you dont tell me :/
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[Throsti] ;p
[UC`Hurz`dS] nah its your pick, so whatever ,)
[Throsti] wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Throsti] lmao
[UC`Hurz`dS] :o
[UC`Hurz`dS] weee
[Throsti] :*
[UC`Hurz`dS] lucky double damage ;)
[Throsti] d*2
[Throsti] i never play in mm before xd
[UC`Hurz`dS] wow so bad
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm
[Throsti] but i will learn it;d
[UC`Hurz`dS] maybe i rethink my poick then ;)
[UC`Hurz`dS] n1
[Throsti] ty
[Throsti] no
[Throsti] mm is
[Throsti] ok
[Throsti] your choice
[Throsti] close.
[Throsti] omg hide
[UC`Hurz`dS] no worries i suck ;)
[UC`Hurz`dS] bl
[Throsti] eeee
[Throsti] yeyeye
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol!
[Throsti] lol?
[UC`Hurz`dS] this time would habve hit other hide :D
[Throsti] lol?
[UC`Hurz`dS] 2 any1
[UC`Hurz`dS] saw that coming :o
[Throsti] what the...
[UC`Hurz`dS] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] no health for you lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] ah cmon
[Throsti] you will host your pick? Or?
[UC`Hurz`dS] haha
[UC`Hurz`dS] ya with hb
[Throsti] vnt
[UC`Hurz`dS] nah didnt think of how sheep would jump ;)
[UC`Hurz`dS] woah
[Throsti] rotfl
[Throsti] ??
[UC`Hurz`dS] dude :D:D
[Throsti] didnt saw
[Throsti] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] was your own ;)
[Throsti] one more aerial??
[Throsti] maybee
[Throsti] e
[UC`Hurz`dS] lez do my pick first, can do 1 more after.
[Throsti] okey
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm @ hide
[UC`Hurz`dS] whyy
[Throsti] lamo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Throsti] lmao
[Throsti] Are you from Jamaica??
[UC`Hurz`dS] germany ,D
UC`Hurz`dS smoking weed right now
[Throsti] Halt die fresse
[UC`Hurz`dS] kurwa :o
[Throsti] joke xd
[Throsti] hau ab ;d
[Throsti] im from poland but i work in Germany;d
[Throsti] oO
[UC`Hurz`dS] ic ;)
[Throsti] ic?
[UC`Hurz`dS] i see
[Throsti] ;p
[UC`Hurz`dS] still 2 secs lol
[Throsti] thx for mole :*
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[Throsti] gg
[Throsti] ag
[HostingBuddy] Throsti has disconnected: Connection closed

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Game #221979, reported by Hurz
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[UC`Hurz`dS] did i mention i dont like this scheme? :D