July 10, 2020, 07:07 AM

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Default #8, Allround #7
March 26, 2020, 01:58 AM
Chile rM
Rookie 1279 in BnG before the game. Gained 38|27 points more
Absolute Beginner 1000 in BnG before the game. Lost 27|27 points more

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Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[reN`] HF
[j0e] Hf =]
[reN`] ns
[j0e] ty >:]
[reN`] wee
[j0e] nt =o
[reN`] ty
[reN`] nt
[j0e] where u from?
[j0e] brazil?
[j0e] ty
[reN`] jajaja
[reN`] not, i am chilean
[j0e] oh ehueh cool
[reN`] haha nice joke
[j0e] my friend biked from alaska to chile
[reN`] lol awesome
[j0e] drownable if good shot
[reN`] that's too far
[j0e] need low grav
[j0e] oww good 1
[reN`] ty
[j0e] !!!
[j0e] pro
[reN`] :d
[reN`] wee nt
[j0e] imposs
[reN`] ups
[j0e] eee brave
[j0e] ;/
[j0e] n t
[reN`] ty
[reN`] oh no, uff
[reN`] +:o
[j0e] xD lele
[reN`] lol hah
[reN`] ns
[j0e] =X
[reN`] hard hide bro
[j0e] bollox
[j0e] yes
[reN`] ns
[j0e] about time ty
[reN`] bahh
[j0e] should have more teles in scheme
[j0e] aaha
[reN`] maybe u can shot ur self with sg :D
[reN`] n wind
[j0e] ye
[j0e] good
[reN`] t
[reN`] prepare to plop
[j0e] never
[j0e] prepare to face a volley of cheap grenades =p
[reN`] zDD
[reN`] haha
[j0e] buzz cut
[reN`] phew
[reN`] aw8
[j0e] push
[reN`] lol4
[reN`] ++
[j0e] hehe
[reN`] affs98
[j0e] the end is nigh
[reN`] now
[j0e] lol
[reN`] haha74
[j0e] cheap 1
[j0e] nt
[reN`] t
[reN`] ns
[reN`] tele hha
[reN`] weee
[reN`] haha
[j0e] pixel
[reN`] and now gg¿? zD
[j0e] after i plop u
[reN`] powa
[j0e] hoho good open
[reN`] :p
[j0e] u signed ur death ticket
[reN`] haha
[reN`] nones
[reN`] ty?
[j0e] weee
[reN`] duu4
[j0e] plz kill me
[j0e] huehe
[reN`] ill try
[reN`] 30 min lol hhaa
[j0e] !
[reN`] 4
[j0e] damn ur close
[reN`] lol
[j0e] foook
[reN`] finish and 1 more jaha?
[j0e] no more
[reN`] haha gg
[j0e] my patience is level -37217 =)
[j0e] gg !!!! nice
[reN`] ty

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