August 15, 2020, 05:55 PM

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Rope #9, Allround #8
July 29, 2020, 10:48 PM
United States NNN
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Shopper before the game. Gained 40|40 points more
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Shopper before the game. Lost 40|40 points more

Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] hf
[Falconer] hf
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] hmm never played tus shopper before
[Falconer] no
[Falconer] xD
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] there are 8 schemes we can paly
[Falconer] keep telling
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] also roper, wxw, t17, intermiedate
[Falconer] from the least fun to the funniest.
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] hysteria
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] haha
[Falconer] oh, cool
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] nade and zooka
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] and rope race
[Falconer] but this map is kinda little D:
[Falconer] Cool
[Falconer] rope racer?
[Falconer] D:
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] so normally you pick 1, i pick 1
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] and then if we can agree on a 3rd we play that
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] then you report any games you won
[Falconer] oh I see, very nice
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] yeah so we can say this was the one we agreed on
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] what would you like to pick for yours?
[Falconer] supersheeper
[Falconer] oh no, there isnt
[Falconer] so, I pic roper
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] haha
[Falconer] and you
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] ok
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] umm... intermediate
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] that's my bread and butter
[Falconer] omg
[Falconer] xD that's a fun expression
[Falconer] where r u from?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] haha, Southern Ohio - near KY
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] you?
[Falconer] Porto velho, Rondônia, in the Nothern Brazil xD
[Falconer] KY = ?
[Falconer] a city, I suppose
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] kentucky
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] oh, haha
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] u like it there?
[Falconer] My place/city? well I...
lovEvil-ONL-TUS has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (http://worms2d.info/RubberWorm).
[Falconer] I love my place, I was born here, but I also wanna leave. To know the world outside, face other cultures, new people and new oportunities
[Falconer] LOL
[Falconer] and you, do you like it there?
[Falconer] ofc, there are many negative points as well, It isn't developed as it potentially should be
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] i get that man
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] yeah I'm happy where I am, it's safe
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] have friends here
[Falconer] safety, let's share an example together. Walking around at 10 pm or midnight for example, would it be safe there? Here no :/ and it's a reality around the country
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] Yeah dude I'd be safe
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] I do it all the time
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] Sorry to hear that for you
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] I don't live in big city
[Falconer] I see
[Falconer] that's cool
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] yeah, big cities I wouldn't
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] My town has 12,000-20,000 people
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] it changes when college is in sessions
[Falconer] Wow, that's a really short number
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] yeah
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] that's why i like
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] there's a state park 10 minutes away
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] work is 30 minutes away
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] it's well kept and pretty
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] what more can you ask for?
[Falconer] exactly, it's complete
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] yep
[Falconer] I wonder there are many familiar companies.
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] restuarants and stuff
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] and a few big companies for employment
[Falconer] that's great
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] yeah in american every thinks you have to chase more for happiness
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] but i've found i don't need much to be happy, so don't have to move to big cities for higher salary
[Falconer] that's a good thought
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] it's true
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] how much money is a good life in brazil?
[Falconer] honestly, like 1500 per person is good enough to live,
[Falconer] but...
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] per year or month?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] and is that usd?
[Falconer] you have to have good finance habits to manage all your living cost, pretty much because we're over taxed in almost everything. Having a good life with basics is jsut enough like you said
[Falconer] 1500 Reais, per month
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] ok i wonder what that is in usd
[Falconer] and always try to save some money, maybe invest as a trader to get something more or in an idea or little project, that'd help a lot if you wanna something more.
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] gotcha
[Falconer] something like 300
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] damn
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] that's awesome
[Falconer] omg xD
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] in america people think 3000 per month is low income
[Falconer] What about here? How much is it enough to live in US?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] I like well on $1500 usd per month
[Falconer] like, with the basics, and everything\
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] most don't however
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] gg
[Falconer] +rm\\

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