August 15, 2020, 04:16 PM

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Rope #9, Allround #8
July 29, 2020, 10:49 PM
United States NNN
Absolute Beginner 940 in Roper before the game. Gained 42|42 points more
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Roper before the game. Lost 42|42 points more

Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Falconer] hf
[Falconer] for how long do you play worms?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] 20 years
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] u?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] im starting to like roper
[Falconer] like, 2 years in totally, but 1 year and something when I was a kid, I played W2, And I restarted playing worms weeks ago, aprox. a month maybe
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] well you've picked it up quickly
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] what got you back into it?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] my brother and i loved W2
[Falconer] Youtube had recomended me those W2 funny videos and I
[Falconer] It gave me too much nostalgia
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] nice
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] i think this is the best game of all time
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] so many schemes
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] and good online community
[Falconer] So I decided to buy It on steam since I didn't find any illegal download xD
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] haha
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] is you end up liking tus-wa.com
[Falconer] so I bought it with a promotion(80%off)
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] there is normalnonoobs.com which is only for intermediate games
[Falconer] lol, I honestly don't like that much intermediate xD
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] that's a steal!
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] no worries
[Falconer] steal? how
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] ill try and end it quick
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] figure of speech
[Falconer] oh ok
[Falconer] u said you've been playing it for 20 years.. hm, how old r u
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] I'm 30
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] u?
[Falconer] 21 xp
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] oh nice
[Falconer] omg
[Falconer] xD
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] lol
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] gg
[Falconer] GG
[Falconer] and now?
[lovEvil-ONL-TUS] intermediate
[Falconer] ok

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