May 12, 2021, 06:25 PM

Game #227058, reported by blitzed, Viewed 128 Time(s)

Rope #12, Allround #11
May 01, 2021, 09:55 PM
United Kingdom ob ZaR LR
Average 1475 in Shopper before the game. Gained 19|16 points more
United States DOS
Absolute Beginner 878 in Shopper before the game. Lost 16|16 points more

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
15 - 1
15 - 1
15 - 1
15 - 1
Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Downloaded 9 time(s).
Game Awards
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Game Map(s)

xDJOSZEExAquaShopper1 by Djoszee
1920 x 696, BIT, 17.82 KB, Downloaded 7271 time(s)

xDJOSZEExShopper2 by Djoszee
1920 x 696, BIT, 18.74 KB, Downloaded 7259 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[ob`blitzed`zar] gl + hf
[Deadcode] is the bottom true water all the way?
[ob`blitzed`zar] Not sure
[ob`blitzed`zar] i think so
[Deadcode] glhf
[Deadcode] cluster?
[Deadcode] phew
[Deadcode] nt at block
[ob`blitzed`zar] needed 1 s
[Deadcode] hmmm
[ob`blitzed`zar] ffs
[Deadcode] what was the weapon?
[Deadcode] that you didn't get to fire
[ob`blitzed`zar] Oldie.
[Deadcode] oh no
[Deadcode] I could've actually attacked
[ob`blitzed`zar] That answers your question... :))
[ob`blitzed`zar] of plop
[Deadcode] sigh
[Deadcode] gg
[Deadcode] huh, why didn't you plop Out of bounds with grenade
[Deadcode] I guess you can take your time doing that
[ob`blitzed`zar] idk
[ob`blitzed`zar] cuz i did suttin diff lol
[ob`blitzed`zar] was better other choice u sugested?
[Deadcode] of course
[ob`blitzed`zar] nasty new york nigga narcotic negotiator
[Deadcode] why would you use the N word like that
[ob`blitzed`zar] It's a song im listening atm lol i like it
[ob`blitzed`zar] it's Alphabetical Slaughter.. ;]
[ob`blitzed`zar] he sure does rhyme each word of the alphabet
[Deadcode] ah
[ob`blitzed`zar] No, im not racist btw
[Deadcode] alliteration
[Deadcode] k cool
[ob`blitzed`zar] we must next shoppa
[Deadcode] then 2 t17?
[ob`blitzed`zar] i think so
[Deadcode] think?
[ob`blitzed`zar] we will
[ob`blitzed`zar] lol
[Deadcode] by tus rules I can get free wins on the two t17s if you can't play them, right?
[Deadcode] hehe k
[Deadcode] I mean I'd hate doing that of course
[Deadcode] mmm
[Deadcode] gg
[ob`blitzed`zar] gg

[Deadcode] glhf
[ob`blitzed`zar] gl hf
[Deadcode] heh
[Deadcode] same weap
[Deadcode] got too obsessive about making the space tiny
[Deadcode] crap
[Deadcode] just when it was looking like I had a chance
[ob`blitzed`zar] yep
ob`blitzed`zar..Deadcode: u had at least 1 turn ahead
[ob`blitzed`zar] aff
[ob`blitzed`zar] ffs aim properly u fool
[Deadcode] ah
[Deadcode] gj
[Deadcode] ooh evil
[ob`blitzed`zar] tx
[Deadcode] arrrrrrrrrrrgh
[ob`blitzed`zar] wanna 2 shopper 2 t17
[Deadcode] ok
[Deadcode] too bad you were out of clusters
[ob`blitzed`zar] Enit man
[ob`blitzed`zar] i realised that upon attack
[ob`blitzed`zar] oo
[ob`blitzed`zar] 40
[ob`blitzed`zar] I predicted that lmao
[Deadcode] bug in the map
[Deadcode] this has to be a rule breaker...
[ob`blitzed`zar] hmm
[ob`blitzed`zar] idk
[ob`blitzed`zar] what shall we do
[ob`blitzed`zar] we can rm if u want
[ob`blitzed`zar] :[]
[Deadcode] I think we shouild :-\
[ob`blitzed`zar] ok
[ob`blitzed`zar] then let me smoke
[ob`blitzed`zar] and surrender
[Deadcode] let's submit 2 replays for this
[Deadcode] including this and a note about why we voided it
[ob`blitzed`zar] ok
[ob`blitzed`zar] brb

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Game #227058, reported by blitzed
« on: May 01, 2021, 10:03 PM »
First replay file is the wrong one, it was actually 2021-05-01 20.36.00 [Online] ob`blitzed`zar, @Deadcode.WAgame. We voided it because my worm got irreversibly stuck, due to a bug in the map's design.
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Re: Game #227058, reported by blitzed
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I changed the replay file