May 12, 2021, 05:00 PM

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Default #12, Allround #11
May 04, 2021, 11:17 AM
Poland NNN
Hero 2365 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 18|3 points more
Czech Republic
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 3|3 points more

Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[NNN`Rafka] glhf
[Pierdolnikk] y2
[Gufron] hf
[xPoDxSilaneo] hf
xPoDxSilaneo..NNN`Rafka: z gufronem nie chcesz grac ?
NNN`Rafka..xPoDxSilaneo: PIerd byl 1szy, a czemu?
xPoDxSilaneo..NNN`Rafka: a nic bo z nim chyba nie grales onl ;p
xPoDxSilaneo..NNN`Rafka: jakby co moge po tej grze tez grac ;p
xPoDxSilaneo..NNN`Rafka: widze ze szybko pojdzie ;p
[NNN`Rafka] gralem
[Pierdolnikk] ogm
[Pierdolnikk] i missed :D
[xPoDxSilaneo] ok
[NNN`Rafka] teraz sobie przerwe zrobie
[xPoDxSilaneo] ok
[Pierdolnikk] przerwe
[Pierdolnikk] means break? D
[NNN`Rafka] yea
[xPoDxSilaneo] yes ;p
[NNN`Rafka] najpierw chce dopasc pare osob y topu
[xPoDxSilaneo] z Dariem masz gre do rozegrania ;p
[NNN`Rafka] takze jak cos to za pare dni mozemy pyknac=)
[Pierdolnikk] :D
[Pierdolnikk] za pare dni mozemy pyknac
[Pierdolnikk] same in czech
[Pierdolnikk] :D
[xPoDxSilaneo] ;p
[NNN`Rafka] D
[NNN`Rafka] not bad PIerd... U start playing leagues dude
[NNN`Rafka] zapisall sie do ONL tez
[Pierdolnikk] :)
[Pierdolnikk] i suck
[NNN`Rafka] =)
[NNN`Rafka] nah
[NNN`Rafka] not so much at least
[Pierdolnikk] :D
[Pierdolnikk] dzienkuje bardzo
[xPoDxSilaneo] ;]
[Pierdolnikk] i add you on discord... maybe you can tell me more about leagues..
[Pierdolnikk] like how ti invite someone to play
[Pierdolnikk] etc..
[NNN`Rafka] ok np
[NNN`Rafka] but read reg here and reg there
[NNN`Rafka] and download scheme
[NNN`Rafka] U just ask
[NNN`Rafka] on chat
[NNN`Rafka] on wormnet
[NNN`Rafka] maijn chat or priv
[NNN`Rafka] or on discord
[NNN`Rafka] ONL league
[NNN`Rafka] or TUs leeague
[Pierdolnikk] afjsdgj
[NNN`Rafka] simplep
[xPoDxSilaneo] ^^
[NNN`Rafka] =)
[NNN`Rafka] U didn believe U can go there arent U ?=D
[Pierdolnikk] i was praying :D
[NNN`Rafka] ha
[NNN`Rafka] =P
[NNN`Rafka] we never played before right_
[NNN`Rafka] ?
[xPoDxSilaneo] ide greac z Albusem ;p
[xPoDxSilaneo] cu ;p
[Pierdolnikk] gg
[NNN`Rafka] gg thx
[NNN`Rafka] cu on disc
[Pierdolnikk] yep

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