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Game #227078, reported by blitzed


This game had some interesting TA opportunities. Here is the full pack:
TA pack for 2021-05-04 20.48.20 [Online Round 1] @Deadcode, ob`blitzed`zar.WAgame.7z

The shotgun at the end is actually a bit hard. If done even slightly inoptimally, blitzed's Airstrike can do 1 or more hp of damage to my worm if aimed perfectly. In this TA, my worm is perfectly positioned to avoid damage from any Airstrike... if I were just a tiny bit to the left or right, I could still be killed.

Of course, perfect aim of the Airstrike would not be guaranteed, so even an inoptimal Shotgun execution would probably have been good enough for my worm to survive. And all I needed was to survive 1 turn, because I had rope and thus would be able to do the kill and win on my next turn.


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