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Free #38
August 28, 2022, 06:10 PM
Magos del Topo
Absolute Beginner 1070 in Mole Shopper before the game. Gained 47|49 points
Rookie 1272 in Mole Shopper before the game. Lost 38|49 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
5 - 2
11 - 10
5 - 2
12 - 10
Information Game scheme: Mole Shopper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Mycy] hf
[danie] hf
[MdT`MazingerZ] hf
[G-Zalo] hf
[G-Zalo] I like this map
[MdT`MazingerZ] ...
[G-Zalo] Mazi is lagging?
[G-Zalo] ok we are back
[danie] try to message at me not using f9
[G-Zalo] too far
[G-Zalo] vn1
[Mycy] good sheepie
[danie] hahaha
[G-Zalo] that sheep was maybe not stuck
[G-Zalo] but it's okay
[Mycy] :/
[MdT`MazingerZ] n1
[G-Zalo] damn
[Mycy] dontwant to kill him
[MdT`MazingerZ] aw
[MdT`MazingerZ] yes i know
[Mycy] gg
[danie] gg
[MdT`MazingerZ] gg
[MdT`MazingerZ] :(
MdT`MazingerZ..Mycy: They wasted LG?
[Mycy] gj
[MdT`MazingerZ] gg
[MdT`MazingerZ] ty
Mycy..MdT`MazingerZ: i dont know
MdT`MazingerZ..Mycy: :P
MdT`MazingerZ..Mycy: i seem yes
MdT`MazingerZ..Mycy: ah no
Mycy..MdT`MazingerZ: now they dont have
MdT`MazingerZ..Mycy: :P
[G-Zalo] vn1
[Mycy] bad skunksie
[Mycy] nooo
[Mycy] uff
[danie] gg
[Mycy] gg
[MdT`MazingerZ] gg
[MdT`MazingerZ] :D
[MdT`MazingerZ] yeah!
[MdT`MazingerZ] Magos
[MdT`MazingerZ] Magos
[Mycy] gj Mazi