March 22, 2023, 06:21 AM

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Allround #19
Clanners, Playoffs
October 09, 2022, 06:51 PM
Novice 1370 in Roper before the game. Gained 0|0 points
Absolute Beginner 1036 in Roper before the game. Lost 0|0 points

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Information Game scheme: Roper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Roper 11 by THeDoGG
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.76 KB, Downloaded 8761 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Lupastic`FS] joy
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] Funs
[schillingerpeti] Enjoy.
[Lupastic`FS] középre
[Lupastic`FS] elsX kör bazooka
[Echiko`FS] I'm here
[MarCello] dota 2 again. And lupastic is the biggest fake person. :P
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :P
[MarCello] prank master
ob-donnie`ea has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (http://worms2d.info/RubberWorm).
[Lupastic`FS] im your greatest troll
[schillingerpeti] Szóval, Lupi, van egy rossz hírem nyugatról. :D
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] fappable troll
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu ~
[Lupastic`FS] ;p ty
Lupastic`FS opens butt
[MarCello] please Lupastic make the nutella wc prank.
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] fap fap fap
MarCello Lupastic blew up the bridge!
[schillingerpeti] Van der Bellen azt üzente, még hat évet bírj ki vele. :D
[Lupastic`FS] sose hideolj bele a kukacukba
[Lupastic`FS] támadás után
[Lupastic`FS] mindig külön helyre menj, de ne maradj mellettük
[Lupastic`FS] thats my boy
[Lupastic`FS] sweet knock
[MarCello] cj?
[schillingerpeti] (Már ha a Jóisten ùgy akarja)
[MarCello] Sweet, where is CJ?
[schillingerpeti] Good luck, guys
[Lupastic`FS] értem Peti :P hadd koncentráljunk
[Lupastic`FS] + haditervet megbeszéljük
[schillingerpeti] Hajra Lupi, Marci
[ob-donnie`ea] can you chat less
[MarCello] köszi. Én legalább megköszöntem.
[ob-donnie`ea] game is lagging cuz of phone notification
[ob-donnie`ea] :P
[ob-donnie`ea] or priv
[ob-donnie`ea] no offense
[Lupastic`FS] yes we shut up
[MarCello] and follow the damn train Lupa!
[Lupastic`FS] gránátot olyankor
[Lupastic`FS] ha nem tudod a fejére tenni
MarCello [**Whisper**]
[schillingerpeti] And good luck to the others
[schillingerpeti] Hey Adnan and blitz
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] hae
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] ae
[Lupastic`FS] azaz szép
[MarCello] t
[ob-donnie`ea] asf
MarCello [**Whisper**]
[MarCello] not bad
[MarCello] apró
[Lupastic`FS] uwu
[Echiko`FS] go FS! ^^
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu
[MarCello] go fish?
[MarCello] thx flood
[Lupastic`FS] nembaj
[Echiko`FS] ok
[MarCello] i have two number 9
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] numbah nien
[Lupastic`FS] a number 6 with extra dip
[Lupastic`FS] aw
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] oooh
[Lupastic`FS] I was hoping u would plant the mine on donnie
[Lupastic`FS] :D
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] dat was scary
[ob-donnie`ea] gj
[Lupastic`FS] xd
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] t
[Lupastic`FS] bazooka
[Lupastic`FS] figgyre
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[Lupastic`FS] ok szép
[MarCello] i want a live action series of gta san andreas! I think it could be done!
MarCello [ok]
[MarCello] damn
[Lupastic`FS] nem állunk rosszul
[Lupastic`FS] de jól se
[MarCello] nincs jó és rossz
[MarCello] there is no bad and good
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] n1
[ob-donnie`ea] t
[Lupastic`FS] fakk x$
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] x$
[MarCello] gg
[MarCello] feladjam?
[ob-donnie`ea] gg
[Lupastic`FS] játszd végig
[Echiko`FS] igen
[MarCello] hogy vagy echiko?
[Lupastic`FS] good games :)
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] 33
[ob-donnie`ea] gg
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] gg
[ob-Blitz0r`zar] ggs
[ob-donnie`ea] great games
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] yeah

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