April 18, 2024, 12:39 AM

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Allround #22, Rope #23
March 18, 2023, 07:14 PM
United Kingdom ICB ZaR rrX
Beginner 1132 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Gained 29|24 points more
Poland dP
Absolute Beginner 781 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Lost 32|24 points more

Information Game scheme: Big RR/Tower
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[n2p-blitzar] hf
[KinslayeR`dP] tusk between me and dibzor
[n2p-blitzar] o-o
[rA`UserC479`TSR] lol
[KinslayeR`dP] holy shit nice map
[rA`UserC479`TSR] thats why i said awesome map - see it was mine
[rA`UserC479`TSR] ty
[rA`UserC479`TSR] gl
[KinslayeR`dP] hmmmm
[rA`UserC479`TSR] usually a turn climb that part
[rA`UserC479`TSR] aren't i just a biatch lol
[KinslayeR`dP] a little joker here
[rA`UserC479`TSR] ha ha ha
[rA`UserC479`TSR] gj
[rA`UserC479`TSR] if i remember right - this map - i did most of it then someone else wanted to ice it up and add details to it
[KinslayeR`dP] bbad drops
[KinslayeR`dP] oh u
[rA`UserC479`TSR] on the drop look for the blue
[KinslayeR`dP] f@#! off
[rA`UserC479`TSR] Uploaded this map on 5th January 2011 and been 3622 downloads of this map
[KinslayeR`dP] not fair
rA`UserC479`TSR [Map Survey - from rating of 1 for crap and 10 for awesome - how would you rate this map?]
[n2p-blitzar] 7
KinslayeR`dP [7]
[rA`UserC479`TSR] lol
[rA`UserC479`TSR] that be cool if hostingbuddy did that- it would be so much easier feedback to relay back to the map creators
[KinslayeR`dP] lol
[KinslayeR`dP] u could simple drop it bro
[rA`UserC479`TSR] lol
[KinslayeR`dP] fu god rm
[rA`UserC479`TSR] aw bl
[KinslayeR`dP] ffs
[KinslayeR`dP] hard part
[rA`UserC479`TSR] it's because of the going left and right's and then trickier to suddenly do fast on a straight part
KinslayeR`dP..n2p-blitzar: this pls for fun xd
n2p-blitzar..KinslayeR`dP: it tusk
KinslayeR`dP..n2p-blitzar: cmon
n2p-blitzar..KinslayeR`dP: we can more after
[n2p-blitzar] gg
[rA`UserC479`TSR] gg
[KinslayeR`dP] rm, maybe some more use map
[KinslayeR`dP] pls host
[n2p-blitzar] brb
[HostingBuddy] rA`UserC479`TSR has disconnected: Socket error: recv() error: Connection reset by peer
[HostingBuddy] KinslayeR`dP has disconnected: Connection closed

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