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Allround #25, Default #26
August 26, 2023, 10:17 PM
United Kingdom dF ZaR rrX
Reasonable 1572 in BnG before the game. Gained 18|14 points more
Slovakia ICB LR FAW
Absolute Beginner 930 in BnG before the game. Lost 16|14 points more

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Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dj-blitzed`zar] hf
[mic] xd
[mic] man that's a good hide
[mic] i was thinking about it on start
[dj-blitzed`zar] well
[dj-blitzed`zar] hard shot me tho
[dj-blitzed`zar] o0
[dj-blitzed`zar] do u like eminem?
[mic] omggg
[mic] i like old school hiphop but never listened to much eminem
[mic] i know his old stuff tho
[dj-blitzed`zar] well me too im a big fan of the oldschool/underground scene
[mic] tribe called quest? de la souL?
[dj-blitzed`zar] I know so many mceez
[dj-blitzed`zar] yes know both
[mic] guru?
[dj-blitzed`zar] yeah
[dj-blitzed`zar] gangstarr
[mic] yeah you can send me beats like that anytime
[mic] royce 5 9
[mic] im listening to primo's mix now
[mic] KRD and Nas in it
[dj-blitzed`zar] Royce 5'9 = Moist 5'9 hahaha
[dj-blitzed`zar] Canibus?
[mic] dont know canibus
[dj-blitzed`zar] kool g rap? ll cool j? krs one?
[dj-blitzed`zar] epmd
[mic] ahh
[mic] okay i opened it finally xd
[mic] yeah all
[dj-blitzed`zar] rakim is one of the best
[mic] true
[mic] Dilla?
[dj-blitzed`zar] dresta bg knocc out
[dj-blitzed`zar] j dilla?
[dj-blitzed`zar] yeah heard bbut ddunnp much
[mic] yeah j dilla
[mic] best beats
[dj-blitzed`zar] dj premier
[mic] yeah premier - primo
[mic] im listening to a mix of his beats with nas krs one
[dj-blitzed`zar] have u heard of AZ?
[dj-blitzed`zar] hes like nas just as good
[mic] nah
[mic] send me links
[dj-blitzed`zar] ok
[mic] omg
[dj-blitzed`zar] necro is good non phixion is good
[mic] im so close yet so far
[dj-blitzed`zar] ill bill is good
[mic] i really like tribe especially q tip
[mic] also nujabes
[dj-blitzed`zar] People under the stairs?
[dj-blitzed`zar] puts
[mic] never heard
[mic] gotta tele
[mic] bad form
[mic] aaaaa
[mic] wee
[dj-blitzed`zar] n
[mic] okay i wont lose without hit you
[mic] i can die now xd
[mic] hittin*
[mic] only took 20 minutes sheesh
[mic] finally
[mic] xd
[dj-blitzed`zar] inet
[mic] ?
[mic] inet?
[dj-blitzed`zar] init
[mic] ah
[mic] ''ask me whats poppin most likely your collar bone'' xD
[dj-blitzed`zar] already smashed about 8 cans
[mic] lucky you
[dj-blitzed`zar] I'll crack u in the ribz and ask whats crackin
[mic] i stopped drinking
[dj-blitzed`zar] something like that
[dj-blitzed`zar] i dunno the full story
[dj-blitzed`zar] oh my
[mic] ae
[mic] bah
[dj-blitzed`zar] oO
[mic] time for shotty
[dj-blitzed`zar] roper tus next
[dj-blitzed`zar] XDD
[mic] blyat
[dj-blitzed`zar] o ns
[mic] y
[mic] ty
[mic] no more tus for me i think gonna chill
[dj-blitzed`zar] ok
[mic] already omitting words in sentences
[mic] vn
[dj-blitzed`zar] ty
[mic] gonna watch some chess vod
[mic] damnn
[dj-blitzed`zar] gg
[mic] gg
[mic] wp
[mic] cya

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