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February 11, 2024, 07:16 PM
Croatia HCP alCo
Novice 1363 in BnG before the game. Gained 26|23 points more
Germany TdC od bui
Absolute Beginner 985 in BnG before the game. Lost 23|23 points more

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Players history
6 - 2
7 - 2
6 - 2
7 - 2
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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[Sensei`hcp] sabonis is not bad from what i've seen
[PejaxTdC] he is a triple double machine
[Sensei`hcp] yep.. Good to have him in assists over
[PejaxTdC] gj
[Sensei`hcp] ty
[PejaxTdC] i love seeing the offensew run through a big
[PejaxTdC] he played last year with a fractured thumb
[PejaxTdC] its insane
[PejaxTdC] you are in good shape
[Sensei`hcp] told you.. If it's a good battle, I'm enjoying the game.. If people start to throw some lame shit on me.. It's mostly just alt+tab until the game is over.. Total loss of concentration
[PejaxTdC] think i gotta zook it up a bit
[Sensei`hcp] dinwiddie guy is all over the place recently
[PejaxTdC] well he joined the lakers
[Sensei`hcp] he was doing 8+ assists per game since forever
[Sensei`hcp] what???
[Sensei`hcp] not in nets anymore?
[Sensei`hcp] when that happened
[PejaxTdC] yeap
[PejaxTdC] got bought out
[PejaxTdC] after traded from wizards
[Sensei`hcp] hm cool.. i had reaves +assists mostly.. He's gonna go under from now on
[PejaxTdC] i feel like he is a worse version of russel
[PejaxTdC] once gabriel is back
[PejaxTdC] one of them is odd man out
[Sensei`hcp] at one point, just stopped watching nba.. It's an american show nowadays, not basketball..
[PejaxTdC] funny thing with sabonis is
[Sensei`hcp] Maybe some good playoff games are worth watching
[PejaxTdC] u never know if u get 5 or 26 points
[PejaxTdC] hard to bet on
[Sensei`hcp] I bet steals, blocks etc.. these things mostly
[Sensei`hcp] points not that much
[PejaxTdC] fox has a lot steals lately
[PejaxTdC] 3 games out of 4
[PejaxTdC] with 5
[PejaxTdC] we go heavily for deflections though
[PejaxTdC] got caught by the flames xD
[PejaxTdC] what ind of music do you listen to?
[Sensei`hcp] knew it
[Sensei`hcp] lot of stuff... it's mostly mood affected
[Sensei`hcp] from pink floyd to irish punk :)
[PejaxTdC] cool
[PejaxTdC] to me irish punk is a lot like pop punk
[PejaxTdC] i like it but everything sound spretty similar
[PejaxTdC] time to do a little expedition to the mountain
[PejaxTdC] xD
[Sensei`hcp] ok
[Sensei`hcp] thx
[Sensei`hcp] OH FK OFF
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[PejaxTdC] haha
[Sensei`hcp] hahaha
[Sensei`hcp] lucky you!
[PejaxTdC] well this works
[Sensei`hcp] -.-
[Sensei`hcp] how much.. 5 turns?
[Sensei`hcp] and i don't even have an angle hah
[PejaxTdC] just use brute force and zook it xD
[Sensei`hcp] we suck big time peja..
[Sensei`hcp] what's going on with this game
[Sensei`hcp] 70 hp in 20 minutes hahaha
[PejaxTdC] its the beauty of the volcano xD
[Sensei`hcp] mesmerizing
[PejaxTdC] i keept hitting this thing
[Sensei`hcp] n1
[PejaxTdC] t
[PejaxTdC] chezidekh certainly helps
[PejaxTdC] you are back to your battle with tress xD
[Sensei`hcp] -.-
[PejaxTdC] ae now get me
[Sensei`hcp] aaah damn
[Sensei`hcp] had it
[PejaxTdC] i think i should take a piss xD
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[Sensei`hcp] do that
[Sensei`hcp] wow.. so easy and i just can't get that little part of the fuse needed
[Sensei`hcp] same goes for you haha
[Sensei`hcp] haha unbelievable
[Sensei`hcp] -.-
[PejaxTdC] glad your side of the lava is damaged
[Sensei`hcp] background soil is eating my soul
[Sensei`hcp] damn...
[PejaxTdC] t
[Sensei`hcp] n
[PejaxTdC] t
[Sensei`hcp] hoho nt
[PejaxTdC] t
[PejaxTdC] gs
[Sensei`hcp] t
[Sensei`hcp] theere you go
[PejaxTdC] do you know higane ex?
[PejaxTdC] n
[Sensei`hcp] ty
[Sensei`hcp] higane ex?
[PejaxTdC] ye he asked me to play
[Sensei`hcp] nope
[Sensei`hcp] never heard
[PejaxTdC] 5 lol xd
[Sensei`hcp] 5 would have plop me!
[PejaxTdC] oh boy
[PejaxTdC] there goes my 5 max bounce haha
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[PejaxTdC] hossa
[Sensei`hcp] phew
[Sensei`hcp] 56 mins....
[PejaxTdC] wee
[Sensei`hcp] !!
[Sensei`hcp] oh
[Sensei`hcp] lg 3 i think
[PejaxTdC] lets end this
[Sensei`hcp] NO
[Sensei`hcp] hah
[Sensei`hcp] wpw
[Sensei`hcp] phew
[PejaxTdC] still here haha
[PejaxTdC] lol u2
[Sensei`hcp] oh no
[Sensei`hcp] is this possible hahahhaha
[Sensei`hcp] thx
[Sensei`hcp] -.-
[PejaxTdC] loool
[Sensei`hcp] Was the last one also 1hp?!
[Sensei`hcp] What are the chances
[Sensei`hcp] OH BOY
[PejaxTdC] gg
[Sensei`hcp] gg! :)

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Game #240598, reported by Sensei
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@1:06:42 What a shitshow that game was.. 1 hour 6minutes... At least that last shot was worth it!