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March 23, 2024, 11:39 PM
Absolute Beginner 998 in Aerial before the game. Gained 34|34 points more
Absolute Beginner 883 in Aerial before the game. Lost 40|34 points more

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Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[icb`Rocket`a2a] hf
[ICB`sock] hf
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: f@#!ing start..
[Monster] hf
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: sux for me
[schillingerpeti] Enjoy
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: you and walrus are, I'm only demi : P
[Monster] AHAHAHHA
[icb`Rocket`a2a] nd
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: t <3
[Monster] xD
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: suicide with sheep attack
[Monster] bl
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: onto the other 101 hp
[ICB`sock] segundo is first ahh!
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: yep thats good too
[Monster] n
[ICB`sock] nice
[icb`Rocket`a2a] t
[STF`Lupastinho] 102 o:
[schillingerpeti] Lupinak jelentem, a banán kupán két hármassal számolhat az ùr: SRB-HR-SLO és H-A-SK. :D
[STF`Lupastinho] csapataid álljanak készen a közelgX háborùra
[schillingerpeti] A fölállást az imént közöltem, szóval...... :P
[Monster] ns
[Monster] PRO
[STF`Lupastinho] uwu
[schillingerpeti] Hogy Románia kimaradt, az más kérdés. :P
[Monster] phew
[STF`Lupastinho] vn jetpack
[Monster] t
[ICB`sock] n
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: we should kill rocket first btw
[Monster] t
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: or he will bng us to death xd
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: if he doesnt block you, go for petrol to rocket
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: no, the other team
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: breathe worm, 60 hp
[schillingerpeti] Amùgy megdolgoztatnám most a rekeszizmaid. :D
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: lets rule middle
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: gj <3
[icb`Rocket`a2a] fk
[Monster] wowowowow
[ICB`sock] wow
[icb`Rocket`a2a] ns
[Monster] VNS
[STF`Lupastinho] ^.- ty
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: we are big putos together <3
[Monster] GRRRR
[schillingerpeti] Valahol Szeged környékén: - Hé, tesó! Hun a labda? - Mögötted! - Meg vagy te hùzatva!? Nem is öttem mög!
[Monster] XD
[STF`Lupastinho] with "grrr" he meant to say "girder"
[Monster] BAH
[Monster] banana
[STF`Lupastinho] phew
[icb`Rocket`a2a] wow rly
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: cant block
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: should i attack 60 hp?
STF`Lupastinho..Monster: too far and risky xd
[Monster] GG
[icb`Rocket`a2a] gg
[ICB`sock] gg
[STF`Lupastinho] tita can u play more? we could TFL ;o
[STF`Lupastinho] or next time
[Monster] ahh
[Monster] i'll watch soccer
[Monster] xd
[Monster] sorry
[Monster] gg
[icb`Rocket`a2a] gg
[Monster] vnd
[ICB`sock] gg
[STF`Lupastinho] gg : )
[schillingerpeti] Enjoy
[STF`Lupastinho] okey np :p thanks for coming
[icb`Rocket`a2a] ty

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