April 18, 2024, 04:21 AM

Game #241602, Viewed 64 Time(s)

Rope #30, Allround #29
April 02, 2024, 09:18 PM
Absolute Beginner 794 in Shopper before the game. Gained 35|44 points more
Absolute Beginner 891 in Shopper before the game. Lost 49|44 points more

Game Rate
2.5 / 5
Total Members Voted: 2
Players history
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Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Map(s)

Nuclear shoppa by xSQDxDiksquad
1920 x 696, PNG, 62.83 KB, Downloaded 8117 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[TdCxSenator] hf
[Wolfgang`stf] hf
[Zalo-the-moler] afr?
[TdCxKorydex] hf
[PejaxTdC] nope zalo
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: dont tele on top, they can do extra FD on you
[molefackers`Lup] no afr
[PejaxTdC] nice map lupa
[PejaxTdC] ploppy always good
[TdCxKorydex] the farting worm lol
[molefackers`Lup] yes, these colored maps are usually the best
[PejaxTdC] diksquad was great
[molefackers`Lup] (except for wxw)
[molefackers`Lup] colored wxw maps are terrible
[TdCxKorydex] thats racist
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: nowhere to hide 2nd worm :/
[molefackers`Lup] colored wormers are very cool people!
[PejaxTdC] nt there
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: dont pile
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: with him
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: yep ty
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: if I get grenade, could plop
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: oh thats next worm xd nevermind
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: still ,its better if we dont pile with them so we can get to attack them every turn for sure
[PejaxTdC] nt nt
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: yep sure
[TdCxKorydex] t
[Zalo-the-moler] vgj
[PejaxTdC] n1
[molefackers`Lup] t (:
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: 2 worms there? hmm
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u think it makes to attack? im not sure
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: after all there is stockfish too
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: it worths* to attack there?
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: oki
[PejaxTdC] xD
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: sheep stockfish, then u can pile with him
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: thats a good hide
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: f@#!
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: they have cluster :/
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: cant hide at tight places anymore
[PejaxTdC] n
[TdCxKorydex] t
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: ok well now.. we need to pile with them
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: worm rotaotion
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: now clean :)
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: everyone is piled
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: keep this rotation
[molefackers`Lup] oO
[TdCxKorydex] notbad
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: dyna saku, follow him where he falls
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: almost fd too, nt
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: u can be unpiled now tho :c
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: ah these clusterf@#!s
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: at least I can fix ur pile
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: yes
[TdCxKorydex] shucks
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: wont pile now there, we would be too close to each other
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: its low hp worm, and 2 of our worms would be too close
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: ur on the other side of the wall
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: after u hit saku, hide somewhere safe
[molefackers`Lup] fd incoming
[molefackers`Lup] ow xd close
[Wolfgang`stf] MASAS FOLLE
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: np I push it down
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: if he knocks me from parachute it could go very bad, but will try :P
[PejaxTdC] n1
[TdCxKorydex] damn ribz
[molefackers`Lup] uwu
[Zalo-the-moler] wonderful
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: this might go bad for us, now they can also sacrifice their low hp worms
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: stockfish
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: dont hide there, u receive fall damage if they attack
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: kill saku, hide in corner
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: imo
[molefackers`Lup] 52
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: oh shit..
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: phew
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: now its kinda straightforward
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: depends on what weapons we get
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: with their low hp they can also do grave dmg
[molefackers`Lup] who are u cheering for wolfy?
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: grenade olli, hide on him?
[Wolfgang`stf] for my football team (i play in 2 hours)
[molefackers`Lup] gl
[Zalo-the-moler] thx
[TdCxSenator] lul
[TdCxKorydex] ahh bl
[molefackers`Lup] owo
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: dyna on 55
[TdCxSenator] ofc rope didnt attach
[molefackers`Lup] phew!
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: oh :D
[TdCxSenator] this could have been a draw otherwise
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: i was about to scream on the monitor
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: at the monitor
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: dont stay there
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: xd
[TdCxSenator] i mean without my mistake
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: this was because of my pro hide u see ;)
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: he was coming for me
[Zalo-the-moler] not quite hmm
[Wolfgang`stf] gg
[TdCxSenator] gg
[TdCxKorydex] lol
[Wolfgang`stf] now he drop dyname in his mate
[TdCxKorydex] gg
[molefackers`Lup] gg
[Zalo-the-moler] gg
[PejaxTdC] gg
molefackers`Lup..Zalo-the-moler: well played c:

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