April 18, 2024, 05:19 AM

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Default #30, Allround #29
April 03, 2024, 03:14 AM
Slovenia SfX REM b2b
Absolute Beginner 992 in Team17 before the game. Gained 52|50 points more
Brazil STF ea
Inexperienced 1216 in Team17 before the game. Lost 44|50 points more

Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[NogardDerNaerok] Hf.
[STFxCamper] Hf
[NogardDerNaerok] Ooh, interesting try.
[STFxCamper] Thanks
[STFxCamper] OH worked
[STFxCamper] Gj
[NogardDerNaerok] Damn, actualyl worked.
[STFxCamper] I didn't like the way this game started
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah, a lot of worms in the top middle.
[NogardDerNaerok] And then a bunch of side crates.
[STFxCamper] No SS, no bananas yet
[NogardDerNaerok] :D :D
[STFxCamper] what the f@#! game
[NogardDerNaerok] I know.
[NogardDerNaerok] How do they even expect you to play this way!
[NogardDerNaerok] Am I getting flame throwered?
[NogardDerNaerok] Omg, nice.
[STFxCamper] Your time to fall
[STFxCamper] Heh
[STFxCamper] You have no fear to use your rope
[STFxCamper] I have to take care
[STFxCamper] Nt
[NogardDerNaerok] Aw. Ty.
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah, I think my problem with the rope definitely isn't falling. It's using it at the wronmg time...
[NogardDerNaerok] But Deadcode uses it very early as well and it works for him, so.
[NogardDerNaerok] Thanks, game.
[NogardDerNaerok] Hm.
[STFxCamper] Hmmm
[STFxCamper] Gj
[NogardDerNaerok] That works.
[NogardDerNaerok] I need to be afraid of that dynamite.
[STFxCamper] You should
[NogardDerNaerok] Here we go again. :D
[STFxCamper] Risky hide
[NogardDerNaerok] I wonder if you're roping yet.
[NogardDerNaerok] Yeah yeah yeah...
[NogardDerNaerok] Nice, g'job.
[STFxCamper] Thanks
[NogardDerNaerok] Hmmm.
[NogardDerNaerok] Another dyna!
[NogardDerNaerok] Ah, phew.
[STFxCamper] Nice
[NogardDerNaerok] Hah, 109.
[NogardDerNaerok] Hm.
[NogardDerNaerok] Ah damn, that's the perfecrt answer.
[STFxCamper] Phew
[NogardDerNaerok] Was it a one-way path?
[STFxCamper] Yes
[NogardDerNaerok] Ha.
[STFxCamper] You were blocked
[NogardDerNaerok] Damn.
[STFxCamper] Ouch
[NogardDerNaerok] Am I dead?
[NogardDerNaerok] Mmmm.
[NogardDerNaerok] I'll try it, I guess.
[STFxCamper] Hmmm
[NogardDerNaerok] Gah.
[STFxCamper] phew
[NogardDerNaerok] My bananas have been so bad these past few months.
[STFxCamper] lol
[NogardDerNaerok] Noooooooo.
[NogardDerNaerok] D:
[NogardDerNaerok] Do I even have anything for this...
[NogardDerNaerok] Didn't deserve this one. D:
[STFxCamper] Good job
[STFxCamper] Gg
[NogardDerNaerok] But nice games overall!
[STFxCamper] Yah

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Game #241611, reported by KoreanRedDragon
« on: April 03, 2024, 03:16 AM »
G'games, Camper. Should have been 3-0 to you here, so unlucky with the shotgun at the end of this round. But fun games, looking forward to more in the future!

Offline Camper

Re: Game #241611, reported by KoreanRedDragon
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2024, 11:12 AM »
Thanks for games! Gg's. It was really fun!

@ Last game was unluck ya, but previous games I can't complaint heh, I got great weapons.

Looking forward to playing again.

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Re: Game #241611, reported by KoreanRedDragon
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2024, 03:48 PM »
Lol, it was quite interesting hearing random commentary from this match as AncientFootwear and I were playing Rocket League. :D

That goal he scored though! I need to clip it!