May 25, 2020, 05:37 PM

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Classic #15
August 30, 2010, 04:06 PM
Italy NBR rrX
Absolute Beginner 1024 in BnG before the game. Gained 55|55 points
Croatia wFw
Below Average 1391 in BnG before the game. Lost 55|55 points

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Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Croatia Nenad has nominated this game for Worst game of the season
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1920 x 696, BIT, 1.1 KB, Downloaded 24 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[xRSxNenadxPHx] hf
[doH`Angus] hf
[xRSxNenadxPHx] i hate when ppl dug themself so deep
[doH`Angus] idk what u mean
[xRSxNenadxPHx] ...
[xRSxNenadxPHx] i mean ur hide
[xRSxNenadxPHx] its ok and all..but just lame..cuz i cant hit
[doH`Angus] ah
[xRSxNenadxPHx] and neither can u
[doH`Angus] ye
[xRSxNenadxPHx] i love 3s
[xRSxNenadxPHx] but here cant :P
[doH`Angus] dagg
[xRSxNenadxPHx] cmon
[doH`Angus] space slide
[xRSxNenadxPHx] n XD
[doH`Angus] xd
[xRSxNenadxPHx] now its ok :D
[doH`Angus] eg
[xRSxNenadxPHx] but whyy
[doH`Angus] asdf
[xRSxNenadxPHx] startin to hate bng
[xRSxNenadxPHx] damn
[doH`Angus] xD
[doH`Angus] wooo
[doH`Angus] lol
[doH`Angus] fffff
[doH`Angus] phew
[xRSxNenadxPHx] cmon dont lag out now
[xRSxNenadxPHx] doood
[doH`Angus] me???
[xRSxNenadxPHx] ye
[doH`Angus] ew
[xRSxNenadxPHx] die fucking object
[doH`Angus] pff
[doH`Angus] ef
[doH`Angus] 4 sec?
[xRSxNenadxPHx] ehm ur the one.. playing lame
[xRSxNenadxPHx] hidE?
[doH`Angus] ppff
[xRSxNenadxPHx] i cant reach with 3s..
[doH`Angus] uplay only 3 sec
[xRSxNenadxPHx] yes when ur at good hide
[xRSxNenadxPHx] but this is just lame
[xRSxNenadxPHx] so take my 4!
[xRSxNenadxPHx] bit more
[doH`Angus] dddddddd
[doH`Angus] wtf
[doH`Angus] stop
[xRSxNenadxPHx] teleport
[doH`Angus] that shoot
[doH`Angus] u can hit me
[xRSxNenadxPHx] i dont understand why people choose bng and than play like u
[doH`Angus] ye ok
[doH`Angus] eeeee
[doH`Angus] wa so hard 3 sec?
[doH`Angus] was*
[xRSxNenadxPHx] yes when moved
[xRSxNenadxPHx] but why u didnt moe?
[xRSxNenadxPHx] cant believe ppl take in doh players like u T_T
[xRSxNenadxPHx] 1 torch?
[xRSxNenadxPHx] not tus cheme
[doH`Angus] fff
[xRSxNenadxPHx] in tus there is 4 torch
[xRSxNenadxPHx] and not 2 tele
[doH`Angus] wake up pls
[doH`Angus] wtf
[xRSxNenadxPHx] cant move
[doH`Angus] this is SOOOOOO LAMER
[xRSxNenadxPHx] no tele or torch
[xRSxNenadxPHx] u dont have right scheme
[doH`Angus] hahah i have just tus bng scheme
[doH`Angus] not hoyer
[xRSxNenadxPHx] nah
[xRSxNenadxPHx] 1 trch ?
[doH`Angus] if u sleep
[xRSxNenadxPHx] torch* ?
[doH`Angus] cmon i have to go job
[xRSxNenadxPHx] tus dont have 1 torch
[doH`Angus] 2
[doH`Angus] 3
[doH`Angus] 3*
[doH`Angus] omfg
[xRSxNenadxPHx] idont have nothing to do
[xRSxNenadxPHx] this goes to report
[xRSxNenadxPHx] not valid scheme
[doH`Angus] huauha
[doH`Angus] shut up pks bad loser
[doH`Angus] omfg
[xRSxNenadxPHx] not bad looser
[xRSxNenadxPHx] bad scheme
[xRSxNenadxPHx] cya
[xRSxNenadxPHx] this game not valid

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