June 04, 2020, 08:29 AM

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Classic #15
August 31, 2010, 02:37 AM
Brazil Cw pH
Rookie 1235 in WxW before the game. Gained 25|25 points
Brazil TdC CWC ae
Absolute Beginner 904 in WxW before the game. Lost 25|25 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
2 - 0
4 - 1
6 - 7
27 - 37
Information Game scheme: WxW
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Downloaded 45 time(s).
Game Awards
This game hasn't been nominated for any awards.
Game Map(s)

W3W by darkmaul
1920 x 696, BIT, 14.85 KB, Downloaded 12960 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] hf
[`CW-ReNaToSL] gl hf
[`CW-ReNaToSL] apertei esc bem na hora do tiro
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] ops
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] awwww
[`CW-ReNaToSL] bl
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] burro moment
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] ops
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] kcete
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] uhsahusahusa
[`CW-ReNaToSL] aff
[`CW-ReNaToSL] carai
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] aw
[`CW-ReNaToSL] screnlag
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] awww
[`CW-ReNaToSL] o0'
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] sauhshausauh
[`CW-ReNaToSL] a pora
[`CW-ReNaToSL] de baril
[`CW-ReNaToSL] fdp
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] kcete
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] q q isso...
[`CW-ReNaToSL] sabia
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] yeah
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] jg
[`CW-ReNaToSL] ty
[`CW-ReNaToSL] faz tempo que num jogo wxw direito
[`CW-ReNaToSL] decha eu montar meu pc que fico bom
[`CW-ReNaToSL] vendi esse notebook podre
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] o0
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] eu so jogo no noot
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] hehe
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] nao entendo pq tanto odeiam ele...
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] nao gosto eh d teclado d pc
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] awwwwww
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] tomei
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] kbou com a jogada...
[`CW-ReNaToSL] pora
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] o0
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] ufa
[`CW-ReNaToSL] apertei esc
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] 1 chance tenhu
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] gg
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] uhasuhsauhsauhsa
[`CW-ReNaToSL] o'0
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] so se vc cair
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] pra eu virar...
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] gg
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] dei mole...
[`CW-ReNaToSL] o0'
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] cai
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] cia
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] hehe
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] ca
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] cai
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] g
[`CW-ReNaToSL] gg
[`wcS`ThOuSoN] gg

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