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TEL #4
May 07, 2011, 04:08 AM
Absolute Beginner 1066 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 43|39 points
Absolute Beginner 1045 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 39|39 points

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2 - 1
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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Game Chat(s)
[FUB`OrangE`sR] hf
[dC`ThousoN] hf
[aNgus`Fub] hf
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: fuuu
<<aNgus`Fub>> benzina
<<aNgus`Fub>> tirala dritta pero
<<aNgus`Fub>> non in alto
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: lol
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: nao gosto de pile
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: prefiro distancia
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: pila vc ?
<<aNgus`Fub>> sati li
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: bora ganha dos italiano aew
<<aNgus`Fub>> sinistra
<<aNgus`Fub>> vai
[aNgus`Fub] auw
[SnipeR`dC] why this texture ?
[aNgus`Fub] cuz own
[dC`ThousoN] VN
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: nade nada
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: kkkk
[SnipeR`dC] t
<<aNgus`Fub>> bloccalo
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo fai volare sniper con la corda e dyna
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: eheuehu
<<aNgus`Fub>> granata xd
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
<<aNgus`Fub>> e meglio levar dal cazzo quelli li
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo lo blocco
[SnipeR`dC] 5 ???
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: rofl
<<aNgus`Fub>> ranata
[FUB`OrangE`sR] aòlsiejf
<<aNgus`Fub>> ma figa
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: phew
<<aNgus`Fub>> spra dritto
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: gasta tua ovelha
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: haha
<<aNgus`Fub>> nah
[dC`ThousoN] lol
<<aNgus`Fub>> apri
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: guarda
<<aNgus`Fub>> mah
<<aNgus`Fub>> non apri un cazzo cosi
[dC`ThousoN] FUCK
[aNgus`Fub] ;O
[FUB`OrangE`sR] bl
[SnipeR`dC] lol
[SnipeR`dC] bl
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: af
[FUB`OrangE`sR] :x
<<aNgus`Fub>> attacco aereo
<<aNgus`Fub>> nasconditi sotto te
<<aNgus`Fub>> ok
[dC`ThousoN] póing
[SnipeR`dC] poing
<<aNgus`Fub>> granat
[aNgus`Fub] o zooka
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: agora eu vo
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: sim
[SnipeR`dC] lol
[dC`ThousoN] AWWWWW
[SnipeR`dC] n fail
[SnipeR`dC] af
[SnipeR`dC] assim nao né
[dC`ThousoN] ...
[aNgus`Fub] co dio
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ihu
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: nao desceu
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: esse fdp
[SnipeR`dC] sniper sux
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: nem a pau
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: loll
[aNgus`Fub] kk
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: block
[aNgus`Fub] lol
[SnipeR`dC] nah ?
[dC`ThousoN] affffff
[dC`ThousoN] so merda
[dC`ThousoN] namoral
[SnipeR`dC] isso éra impossivel
[SnipeR`dC] q feio
[dC`ThousoN] ok
[dC`ThousoN] letgs go
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: nem dava
<<aNgus`Fub>> ok
<<aNgus`Fub>> occhio pero
<<aNgus`Fub>> bene
[FUB`OrangE`sR] oh fuck
[aNgus`Fub] dio
[SnipeR`dC] lol
[dC`ThousoN] kkkkkkkkk
[FUB`OrangE`sR] fucking space
[aNgus`Fub] sei un genio
[aNgus`Fub] huauh
[SnipeR`dC] strange move
[FUB`OrangE`sR] space :
[dC`ThousoN] aw
[SnipeR`dC] fica ae
[SnipeR`dC] ae mesmo
[SnipeR`dC] kkk
[dC`ThousoN] lol
[aNgus`Fub] e ma muori
[dC`ThousoN] iça
[SnipeR`dC] 70
[dC`ThousoN] ae
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vdd
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: euheueh
[SnipeR`dC] xD
[aNgus`Fub] figa
[FUB`OrangE`sR] bah
[FUB`OrangE`sR] worked before xD
[aNgus`Fub] dio cane dai
[aNgus`Fub] sono due dementi sti qua
[dC`ThousoN] awwwwwwwww
[SnipeR`dC] puts
[SnipeR`dC] tinha q cair direito
[SnipeR`dC] perdeu tempo batendo
[aNgus`Fub] ae
<<aNgus`Fub>> anzi blocca sniper
<<aNgus`Fub>> bloccalo
<<aNgus`Fub>> fallo
<<aNgus`Fub>> stai sotto tu
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: lol
[aNgus`Fub] se esce ti inculo
[FUB`OrangE`sR] ahahah
[FUB`OrangE`sR] ok
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: olga
[dC`ThousoN] nooooooooo
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: pff
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vc tem bl d+ kkk
[aNgus`Fub] fss
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: tele era melhor ?
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: mata olga pls
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: lol
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: mas tira um pouco mais
<<aNgus`Fub>> vai
<<aNgus`Fub>> kk
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: sd vindo
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: matando algum dos dois
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ja mt coisa
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: hum hide
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: ok
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: espero q ele erre
[aNgus`Fub] muori
[FUB`OrangE`sR] vns
[aNgus`Fub] dio cane
[dC`ThousoN] ae
[FUB`OrangE`sR] b
[FUB`OrangE`sR] l
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: hum
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: vai de rope
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: na olga
SnipeR`dC..dC`ThousoN: e hide bem
[SnipeR`dC] lol
[SnipeR`dC] bl
[aNgus`Fub] dai dio cane
[dC`ThousoN] looool
[SnipeR`dC] common
[SnipeR`dC] gj
[dC`ThousoN] drop
[dC`ThousoN] ty
[FUB`OrangE`sR] aw
[dC`ThousoN] loooooool
[aNgus`Fub] cazzo di dio
[dC`ThousoN] anyway
[FUB`OrangE`sR] gg
[dC`ThousoN] gg
[aNgus`Fub] potevo poco
[SnipeR`dC] GG
[aNgus`Fub] gg
[FUB`OrangE`sR] gg
[aNgus`Fub] another?
[dC`ThousoN] ye
[dC`ThousoN] a 3rf
[SnipeR`dC] k
[dC`ThousoN] 3rd

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