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TEL #4
May 07, 2011, 04:07 AM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in TUS Elite before the game. Gained 45|45 points
Beginner 1111 in TUS Elite before the game. Lost 40|45 points

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1 - 2
Information Game scheme: TUS Elite
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1920 x 696, BIT, 4 KB, Downloaded 43 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[midnight] lol
[FUB`OrangE`sR] hf
[dC`ThousoN] hf
[aNgus`Fub] hf
[SnipeR`dC] ah eu quero mijaa
<<aNgus`Fub>> fidati
<<aNgus`Fub>> dagli la si
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
<<aNgus`Fub>> vieni iu
[aNgus`Fub] hmm
[SnipeR`dC] nem
<<aNgus`Fub>> bloccami crash dopo con odcat ;O
[SnipeR`dC] lol
<<aNgus`Fub>> famji passare
<<aNgus`Fub>> pero
<<aNgus`Fub>> kk
<<aNgus`Fub>> ottimus ;d
[SnipeR`dC] Fenomeno
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo hmm
<<aNgus`Fub>> bloccalo
<<aNgus`Fub>> e nasconditi
[aNgus`Fub] dio
[midnight] lol
[dC`ThousoN] nice block
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo fottilo ce sotto la mina
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo dopo dico
[SnipeR`dC] doh
<<aNgus`Fub>> non aprire
<<aNgus`Fub>> xd
[dC`ThousoN] aw
[SnipeR`dC] rofl
[aNgus`Fub] ;O
[SnipeR`dC] nb
[SnipeR`dC] nice block
[SnipeR`dC] ^^
<<aNgus`Fub>> hm
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
midnight..aNgus`Fub: why sebha leave Fub?
[SnipeR`dC] 5 é d++
[dC`ThousoN] ^^
[SnipeR`dC] ou nao
[SnipeR`dC] kkk
[FUB`OrangE`sR] ouch
[SnipeR`dC] ns
[dC`ThousoN] ty
[SnipeR`dC] doh
[aNgus`Fub] ops
<<aNgus`Fub>> apri
<<aNgus`Fub>> li sopra
<<aNgus`Fub>> lia laberi
<<aNgus`Fub>> ok
<<aNgus`Fub>> dopo fottilo ;O
[SnipeR`dC] gastando meus maçaricos rapaz :P
[aNgus`Fub] erco dio
[SnipeR`dC] lol
[FUB`OrangE`sR] close
<<aNgus`Fub>> meglio
<<aNgus`Fub>> gli diamo il napalm
<<aNgus`Fub>> dynalo
<<aNgus`Fub>> si
[midnight] aw
[SnipeR`dC] dois
[aNgus`Fub] ;O
[dC`ThousoN] aw
[dC`ThousoN] ns
[dC`ThousoN] o0
[SnipeR`dC] lol
<<aNgus`Fub>> mostro
[SnipeR`dC] ns
[midnight] wow
[SnipeR`dC] nd*
[midnight] gj
<<aNgus`Fub>> occhio al pile ora :X
[dC`ThousoN] afff
[dC`ThousoN] ufuf
[dC`ThousoN] FOK
[SnipeR`dC] ein ?
[dC`ThousoN] a corda num foi
[FUB`OrangE`sR] :o
[dC`ThousoN] era pra fera os d 100
[SnipeR`dC] -.-
[dC`ThousoN] agora ferrou tudo
<<aNgus`Fub>> :d
<<aNgus`Fub>> ora spilati bene
<<aNgus`Fub>> apri <--
<<aNgus`Fub>> fai veloce
[SnipeR`dC] nao tem mt oq fazer
<<aNgus`Fub>> noi abbiamo piu vermi
<<aNgus`Fub>> lui aspetta il sd
[SnipeR`dC] af
[SnipeR`dC] andou d+
<<aNgus`Fub>> nah
<<aNgus`Fub>> piu vento serve
<<aNgus`Fub>> si esatto
<<aNgus`Fub>> ranata
<<aNgus`Fub>> ;o
<<aNgus`Fub>> poi io cordo
[FUB`OrangE`sR] ops
[FUB`OrangE`sR] good shot
[dC`ThousoN] boa
[SnipeR`dC] t
[SnipeR`dC] hum
[aNgus`Fub] o dio
[aNgus`Fub] lol
[FUB`OrangE`sR] xD
<<aNgus`Fub>> benzina
[dC`ThousoN] ixi
<<aNgus`Fub>> anzi
<<aNgus`Fub>> no
[SnipeR`dC] pq
<<aNgus`Fub>> napalm
[midnight] lol
[dC`ThousoN] o0
[FUB`OrangE`sR] lolz
<<aNgus`Fub>> bene
<<aNgus`Fub>> gli fai ancora 5 danni e vai di ss
<<aNgus`Fub>> devi aprire pero
[midnight] o.o
<<aNgus`Fub>> missile auto
[SnipeR`dC] guarda meu missil
[dC`ThousoN] qro ver...
[dC`ThousoN] tbm do valor ao missil
<<aNgus`Fub>> kk
<<aNgus`Fub>> apri <-- e poi ss
[midnight] who have ss?
[SnipeR`dC] inda bem q nao deu aquele bug
<<aNgus`Fub>> azni sali
<<aNgus`Fub>> e apri
[SnipeR`dC] do maçarico
[SnipeR`dC] hehe
[dC`ThousoN] o0
[aNgus`Fub] si domnani
<<aNgus`Fub>> sali girdelr
<<aNgus`Fub>> ok
<<aNgus`Fub>> ma passi con la ss c il buchino
<<aNgus`Fub>> mettiti a destra pero
[FUB`OrangE`sR] aff
<<aNgus`Fub>> merda
<<aNgus`Fub>> hm
[SnipeR`dC] shit
[aNgus`Fub] che gernio
[aNgus`Fub] ss
<<aNgus`Fub>> che fai?
<<aNgus`Fub>> fallo roa
[dC`ThousoN] gg
[FUB`OrangE`sR] gg
[aNgus`Fub] g
[SnipeR`dC] gg
[midnight] gg
[aNgus`Fub] another 1?
[SnipeR`dC] yes
[aNgus`Fub] kk

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